Afternoon in Farnham

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

Farnham River Wey Gostrey Meadow

 Bishop's Meadow flooded

Bishop’s Meadow flooded

In Farnham by early afternoon, but so dull, it felt as though it was much later.

In Oxfam Bookshop, I pointed out, not a good idea to stick sticky labels on inside pages of a book as damages the book, but I may have been talking to a brick wall. But at least I noticed they had a bargain box for books, cf Oxfam shop in Guildford where they throw the books away.

WHSmith, Manuscript Found in Accra, buy one, get one half price. What! In Guildford half price. I queried, I found, yes, half price, but buy a second one, and get second one at half the half price. None on display where it says offer of the week, half price. On display elsewhere, ie in three locations, No 12 in their chart.

I walked down to Gostrey Meadow. I expected to find flooded, impassable, but no, the River Wey though running very fast and high.

I then wandered to Bishops’s Meadow. I expected to find flooded, but no. One part was flooded, but this appeared to be water flowing down from the town, not the river overflowing. A path I would walk along, was knee deep in water.

Lion and Lamb Courtyard, packed.

Piss poor service in Waitrose. They really must get their act together, man all the tills. The customers to say the least, were not happy.

Excellent lunch at The Barn. I was there, early, mid-afternoon, but did not leave until early evening.

I left in time to catch No 19 Bus on time. No 1 bus leaving Aldershot, fight at the back of the bus, black guy beating up a white girl.

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