No mosteiro de Melk

Paulo Coelho with Abbot Burkhard

Paulo Coelho with Abbot Burkhard

Paulo Coelho

This year my Feast of St. Joseph was held at the Abbey of Melk, Austria (see community prayer at the end of page). There I again had the opportunity to meet one of my great spiritual mentors, Abbot Burkhard. We speak no common language, but his presence gives me not only peace, but a kind of special understanding of the meaning of life. In 2006, I gave an interview for the magazine News, which said that Burkhard was my silent mentor at the same time warned that he would not like to be called so. Of course I was right: in an article affectionate, he rejected the title, but once again shows his wisdom. The following are excerpts of his thoughts in that article

In search of meaning

In one of our meetings in the basement of the abbey, (Rabbit) asked what would be the correct steps to be given by a man. Of course there are many things wrong in the world, capable of bringing destruction and regret. There are other things that would be able to compensate for all that, but not always possible, and do not understand why.

Even people who have faith know the situation of the world. This recognition allows us to be able to move rocks, if we will, and turn back all the lights were extinguished.

When I entered the Benedictine Order, I had some small reasons for this decision. Gradually, I began to go my way, I identify with him, while he could not understand all of what was happening around me. Every time I made a suggestion about something that needed to be changed, he heard the answer:

“What do you want exactly? This monastery was raised to think in terms of centuries, not of immediate changes.”

This comment did not help me, and I felt distant from all the ideals that brought inside.

Finally, a conversation with an old monk has completely transformed my view of the subject. When I remarked my problem, I replied:

“You get upset that we here think in terms of centuries? Perfect, then forget it, and do what works best, as fast as it deems appropriate.”

At the same time I realized that all my major transformation was slow interiors, and His presence in my soul emerged gradually. Not in terms of my conscience, but in a place deeper, denser, where things do not leave so easily shaken.

Therefore, it is necessary that the person can experience the wrong paths, shortcuts that should not be crossed, little by little, through just these ups and downs of our lives is that we begin to realize what is right. And we feel tremendous freedom to move forward.

You must learn to live with the energy that comes from within us, and that keeps us passionate and enthusiastic about what we do. Instead of seeking the big things we need answers, just pay attention to small details that go unnoticed. Like any child, I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to children. [Matthew 11:25]

This is how we realize our transformation. When the individual understands that small things can change, it takes the meaning of his life, no hurry because it is focused on the next step.

And the more the small change, the more great is process.

Google translation from post on blog of Paulo Coelho. With a little tidying up by me.

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4 Responses to “No mosteiro de Melk”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Oh Keith…it truly was a magical night. Like the perfect recipe…even the moon was smiling! I hope that Paul Von Austria is able to translate this book into English; wanting to read as soon as possible : )
    Glad you liked the translation : )

    Yes, the oil on the spoon. The little things are the big things, with potential to grow. It’s all in The Alchemist!
    Soul of the World
    Friends and Helpers
    Coping With Disappointment
    Overcoming Obstacles

    “You’re not a wave….you’re part of the ocean” – Tuesdays With Morrie : )


    Love, Jane

  2. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Giggling just now, because of a close friend, that calls me ‘Wabbit’!

    Love, Jane xo

  3. Paul from Austria Says:

    Hi Keith,
    Don’t tell me you were there… and we didn’t meet? ;(
    Next time for sure…
    All my best, Paul

  4. keithpp Says:

    No Paul, I was not there. I had an invite and wish I could have been there, but I was taken very ill with bad fever and chicken pox.

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