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Reinstate Ken Livingstone to the Labour Party

April 30, 2016
reinstate Ken Livingstone

reinstate Ken Livingstone

Suspension of Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party is a dark day for Labour and the very act of his suspension has brought the Labour Party into disrepute.

Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party in what has all the hallmarks of a McCarthy-style witch hunt.

Let us step back a couple of days.

John Mann MP, a loud-mouth bully, accosts Ken Livingstone on the street and hurls a torrent of abuse. John Mann just happens to have a TV crew in tow.

Set up comes to mind.

We have been here before.

Some months ago, a politician resigned live on TV. Spontaneous? Er, no. The whole affair had been orchestrated by a TV producer.

We had a witch hunt against an advisor to Jeremy Corbyn.

Later in the day on Wato, BBC Radio 4 lunchtime news, Ken Livingstone was subjected to an appalling interview, even by the piss-poor standards of the BBC. This was followed by an interview with a critic of Ken Livingstone. So much for BBC balance and impartiality.

We then had Labour London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan jump on the bandwagon and smear Ken Livingstone. If nothing else demonstrating Khan to be unfit to be London Mayor.

BBC Any Questions on Friday evening, a Labour panellist and member of Labour NEC describing comments from Ken Livingstone as vile and obnoxious. Same panellist saying he could not prejudge the issue as he was a member of the NEC who would decide whether or not Ken Livingstone be kicked out of the party. Er, he had already prejudged.

Fair hearing or kangaroo court?

Claire Fox another panellist. BBC once again scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is bad enough listening to her drivel on Moral Maze. She claimed she had once been on a rally and had actually heard with her own ears, someone shout abuse against Jews. What abuse, she did not say. Relevance? Absolutely none.

For good measure, Claire Fox added there should be no boycott of Israel.

The other panellists had obviously done their homework, researchers on overtime, to dig dirt on Ken Livingstone.

So what is this heinous crime Ken Livingstone is guilty of?

He has stated Zionists worked with Hitler to ship Jews to Palestine.

No one has actually said, not true, not a historical fact.

Haavara Agreement: Hitler worked with Zionists to ship Jews to Palestine, to occupy land that was not theirs.

In the event, Hitler decided the Final Solution was a more expedient way of ridding Germany of Jews.

Israel was founded on terrorism. British solders were massacred at the King David Hotel. The atrocities used by Zionists to seize Palestinian land were not dissimilar to that used by ISIS.

Anyone who dare criticise Israel is subject to a knee-jerk reaction ftom the Jewish lobby.

Since taking office, Jeremy Corbyn has been subjected to months of attacks by Blairites. The BBC and mass media only too willing to grant them a soapbox.

If anyone should be kicked out of the Labour Party it is war criminal Tony Blair, whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent people.

Israel is running scared of Jeremy Corbyn.

The BDS boycott of Israel is starting to hurt.

Today,  Ken Livingstone is being attacked for having the audacity to defend himself.

Please sign the petition calling for immediate reinstatement of Ken Livingstone to the Labour Party.

It is John Mann who should be suspended and kicked out for bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, not Ken Livingstone.

Please sign the petition calling for suspension of John Mann.

It is time ordinary members started to deselect Members of  Parliament such as Mann et al, as they are unfit to represent ordinary people.

This Land is Mine

August 17, 2014

Wonderful animation from talented graphic artist and animator Nina Paley that exposes the Zionist lie that God was an estate agent who handed Palestine to the Jews as His Chosen People.

Nina Paley uses a Zionist song as the background to her animation.



If the Jews can lay claim to Palestine, then so too can the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Turks and the British.

In the chaos in the aftermath of World War Two, European Jews practising terror and ethnic cleansing seized Palestine. Prior to then, Jews, Christians and Arabs lived together in harmony.

The ultimate victor to lay claim to Palestine will be the Angel of Death.

To fully appreciate the animation, please read the description of all the characters by Nina Paley.

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