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Yuzu signature drink Grecian Park pool bar

November 2, 2019

Yuzu signature drink designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

A very refreshing drink on a hot day.

Mid-October 33C.

Cyprus hit by a heat wave, several degrees above seasonal norm.

Special thanks to Antonia for making.

We had to make do. Nespresso, when should be high quality Tanzania single origin coffee roasted for espresso. 10g of marmalade, a teaspoon out of a pot of 30g from breakfast. 1.5g of cardamon, we guessed a small amount in a teaspoon.

No, we did not do justice to Yuko Inoue, nevertheless we made an excellent refreshing dink.


Yuzu signature drink Nick’s Coffee Bike

May 27, 2019

Ideally Yuzu signature drink requires Yuzu marmalade and single origin coffee from Tanzania.

Made do with marmalade from breakfast and Hasbean espresso blend.

Fresh picked mint from a couple of hours earlier.

Result was good, though would have been excellent with Tanzania coffee.

Followed by excellent cappuccino.

Yuzu signature drink very refreshing on a hot day.

Yuzu signature drink designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

Recommend marmalade from a local producer, reuse the jars to serve the drink.


Yuzu signature drink

May 12, 2019

Having watched several being prepared, I decided to try Yuzu signature drink at The Barn Hackescher Markt.

To make

  • ice and 50g tonic water
  • add 10g marmalade
  • double shot espresso
  • 1.5g cardamon whole
  • sprig of mint added
  • shaken not stirred
  • pour over the ice and tonic water
  • sprig of mint for decoration
  • paper straw
  • serve in a jam jar

Yuzu jam from Japan, but try high quality marmalade from local producer.

If possible serve in the jar and recycle the jars.

For espresso, single origin from Tanzania.

The Barn is using Sambewe, from a farmer’s coffee collective, Q grade 89,  bourbon washed, espresso roast.

Yuzu signature drink designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

An unusual drink.

Yuzu signature drink would be very refreshing on a hot day.

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