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Iain Duncan Smith: 400,000 sign petition in less than 4 days

April 4, 2013
Tell Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week and not sponge off his wealthy wife

Tell Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week and not sponge off his wealthy wife

400,000 in less than 4 days — incredible!

First of all I want to say thank you. When I started the petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week I hoped it would have some impact, but I never imagined it would set off such a huge chain reaction. As I write the signature count is 408,593. It is overwhelming and inspiring.

This week the Government wanted to control the debate and dictate the tone — you have taken that from them and given it back to the people!

The petition has been talked about on Facebook and Twitter, and covered hundreds of times in the media. It was on the front page of The Independent, BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and many more.

Iain Duncan Smith has not yet replied directly to me, but told his local newspaper that he thinks the petition is “a complete stunt which distracts attention from the welfare reforms”. In fact it is the total opposite.

This petition represents over 400,000 people concerned by the welfare cuts.

Iain Duncan Smith is clearly rattled and wants this to blow over. Let’s not give him that privilege.

In the coming days I will deliver the petition in person but let’s have a final effort to remind him once again what this is all about — men who live comfortable lives in country mansions have no right to tell people what poverty feels like.

Post a Facebook message or send a tweet today. Some ideas below…

Please keep supporting the petition — we have started this conversation, let’s keep it going.

Thank you,
Dominic Aversano

Help reach 500,000 signers…

The vile CondDem government are clearly rattled, we have had George Osborne say the critics are talking ill-informed nonsense, we have have had Eric Pickles say people on welfare should go and live in France, we have had the gutter press try and smear all benefit claimants as mass murderers and child killers, a theme George Osborne has picked up today.

Please sign the petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week and not sponge of his millionaire wife.

Please join the Who Wants to Evict a Millionaire action called for 13 April 2016.

Please spread the word. Let us reach half a million signatures.

April Fool’s Day: Clocks set back to Dickensian times

April 1, 2013
David Cameron

David Cameron

ConDem cuts

ConDem cuts

A little late night political philosophy: it’s not enough to fight Tories so Labour get in as Tory-lite, we have to rewrite the agenda. — Mark Thomas

I want to wake up & discover that Tories’ decision to destroy welfare state & impoverish millions is elaborate April Fool. — Laurie Penny

When the social contract is broken, the people must revolt. — John Locke

Today is April Fool’s Day, or All Fools Day, the day when the hated and reviled ConDem Government set the clocks back to the 19th Century and ushered in a world familiar to Charles Dickens, a world of child labour, poverty, the workhouse and the Poor Laws.

It is day when the rich were given tax cuts and to pay for it the poor saw their benefits cut.

People who are at death’s door are told they are fit for work and have their Disability Benefits taken away.

It was the day Parliamentarians saw an increased their expenses by 25%.

It was the day when the poor were told they have to pay a Bedroom Tax, £14 a week for the first spare bedroom, £25 a week for more than one spare bedroom.

When the Window Tax was brought in, people bricked up their windows. What do we do now, brick up our bedrooms?

Councils are now levying Council Tax on the poor. A measure voted through by councillors who when not in bed with developers, are voting to increase their own allowances, after all, it is hard work working on behalf of developers, screwing local businesses and the local community.

Ian Duncan Smith, a man who has not done an honest day’s work in his life, who sponges off his wealthy wife, says these measures are to help the poor out of poverty.

Note: A petition has been launched calling for Iain Duncan Smith to survive on £53 a week. Please sign and pass to others.

Not content with impoverishing millions, today is also the day the ConDem Government privatise the NHS.

And if this was not enough, Legal Aid is also to be cut.

The best spineless Ed Miliband can offer, apart from infantile public schoolboy sound bites, is Tory Lite.

The only opposition in Parliament is Caroline Lucas and a handful of decent back benchers.

Workfare and Bedroom Tax

February 17, 2013

I have always thought Iain Duncan Smith a thoroughly odious person, a failure at everything he touches, failed politician, failed party leader, never actually achieved anything except being kept in position by his wife’s money. He has probably never done a decent days work in his life. Today he showed himself to be not just odious and obnoxious, but evil.

Last week an unemployed student won an important victory in the Appeal Court. The Court ruled she could not be forced to work for nothing. The ruling was on the regulations rather than slave labour per se, but it was still nonetheless an important victory. Finding herself without a job, she was willing to put her skills to some use by working as a volunteer at a museum. She had been forced by her local Job Centre to go and work for Poundland for nothing. It was either that or lose her benefits.

An employment minister was quick to claim it would make no difference to the scheme, it would be businesses as usual and they had absolutely no intention of compensating those who had lost benefits by refusing to work as unpaid slaves for big corporations.

Today, Iain Duncan Smith launched a vicious attack on the young lady who won her case. He made the point the former boss of Tesco started stacking shelves. In making the point, he completely missed the point. Yes the former boss of Tesco started at the bottom stacking shelves, but he was paid to do so, as he was paid to be boss of Tesco, he did not work for nothing.

These companies are not employing people on no wages out of the goodness of their hearts because they wish to give unemployed people a helping hand. They are employing them because they are free. If they wanted to help people get out of poverty, they would be offering jobs at above minimum wage. Often the very same stores that have no vacancies when unemployed inquire about a job, are the same companies that are only too happy to employ them on a temporary basis unpaid with no job prospects at the end.

These are the same companies that obtain goods from sweatshop factories, screw their suppliers, pass horsemeat off as beef.

Iain Duncan Smith asked which would you rather have when out shopping, someone stacking the shelves or a geologist. Next time this cretin fills his car, or more like has someone to do it for him, let us ask who he would rather have, a shelf stacker or a geologist. Or does he think the oil finds and extracts itself?

In attacking the young lady for preferring to work in a museum, not waste her life working as a shelf stacker, Iain Duncan Smith showed himself not only to be a cretin, but also a Philistine.

The latest nonsense to pour forth from this jerk is that the bedroom tax is to help the poor. Since when has Iain Duncan Smith or anyone else in this evil ConDem government had any interest in helping the poor? They love the deficit, as it gives them an excuse to carry out slash and burn of public services, to kick the poor, to deprive them of money.

If it is to help the poor, then let’s have a bedroom tax on 5 or more bedrooms, on second homes.

Will members of the ConDem government be giving up their mansions as hostels for the homeless?

ConDem government says Mansion Tax a very bad idea as the rich can ill afford to pay it and it would need an army of bureaucrats to value the properties that would attract the Mansion Tax.

On the other hand the poor can easily afford a Bedroom Tax out of their shrinking incomes and it is ok to employ an army of bureaucrats to assess all the properties of the poor for too many bedrooms.

It is ok to kick disabled off invalidity benefits and cut the level of benefits to everyone as it makes them better off, gives them an incentive to work harder. On the other hand the rich need tax cuts as they are suffering, and by giving them a tax cut it acts as an incentive to work harder.

What we are seeing is Double Think, the ability to hold two contradictory arguments simultaneously.

Workfare is doing nothing to help those on benefits, it simply provides free labour to Big Business and helps drive down wages. If you want to help the unemployed you provide them with high quality training, so that when the economy improves, they have improved their employment prospects. You do not help them by turning them into slave labour. You do not punish them for being unemployed, you do not punish them for an economy destroyed by criminal bankers and failed politicians like Iain Duncan Smith.

We need safe and secure communities. We create by making people feel safe in their homes, a stake in their community. You do not achieve this by making people homeless, forcing them out of what is their home, where they thought they were secure.

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