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Nasrudin always makes the wrong choice

March 17, 2011
gold coıns

gold coıns

Every day Nasrudin went to beg for alms in the market, and people used to make fun of him by playing the following trick: they would show him two coins, one worth ten times more than the other, and Nasrudin would always choose the smaller coin.

The story went round the whole province.

Day after day, groups of men and women would show him the two coins, and Nasrudin would always choose the smaller one.

Then one day, a generous man, tired of seeing Nasrudin ridiculed in this fashion, beckoned him over to a corner of the square and said:

‘When they offer you two coins, you should choose the larger one. That way you would earn more money and people wouldn’t consider you an idiot.’

‘That sounds like good advice,’ replied Nasrudin, ‘but if I chose the larger coin, people would stop offering me money, because they like to believe that I am even more stupid than they are. You’ve no idea how much money I’ve earned using this trick.

“There’s nothing wrong with looking like a fool if, in fact, you’re being really clever.’

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

In a museum, a former palace, nearby the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia Mosque I found a book on Nasrudin. But it was a collection of papers on Nasrudin, not his works.

I wish the people who are harassing me on the streets of Istanbul would show the humility and wisdom of Narusdin. Those that do are the street vendors and the shoe blacks.

The rabbi and forgiveness

August 16, 2010

This story is attributed to the great Rabbi Bal Shen Tov. It is said that he was standing on top of a hill with a group of students when he saw a band of Cossacks attack the city below and begin massacring the people.

Seeing many of his friends dying and begging for mercy, the Rabbi cried out:

‘Oh, if only I were God!’

A shocked student turned to him and said:

‘Master, how can you utter such a blasphemy? Do you mean that if you were God you would act differently? Do you mean that you think that God often does the wrong thing?’

The Rabbi looked the student in the eye and said:

‘God is always right. But if I were God, I would be able to understand why this is happening.’

Originally posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.