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Keiser Report: Why Not Basic Income?

January 1, 2016

Keiser Report is rapidly losing all credibility.

Syriza may have won the elections January 2015, then again in the summer, the people said no to the EU in a referendum, but Syriza is definitely not running the country.

Where in January last year there was hope, now there is despair. Syriza signed a surrender document. They may be the government, but since their surrender, it is the EU calling the shots, Syriza is a puppet government of the EU. EU has people in every ministry and is micromanaging Greece.

There may have been 100,000 bankers who have lost their jobs, there may well be finance technology lurking in the shadows, death star apps, but they have not lost their jobs due to bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a niche, nothing more. Speculation and volatility has rendered useless as a  currency. The cost of mining bitcoins, puts it in the realms of the rich, the energy required to mine, makes it unacceptable.

Faircoin, which can be seen as BitCoin 2.0, attempts to address some of the problems associated with bitcoin.

Basic Income is an idea whose time has come.

In the very near future, millions of jobs will disappear, ether to vanish altogether or to be replaced by robots.

There is much work is society that needs doing, but no money to pay for it.

We have high unemployment, a parasitical non-productive bureaucracy to deal with the unemployed.

We have people doing mind-numbing work, working for a living.

Cash is what links idle hands to work.

Several basic income schemes have been trialled,  Holland has experimented, Finland and Switzerland are considering implementation.

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