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Whose Games?

July 27, 2012
London 2012 the biggest sponsor of the games is the public

London 2012 the biggest sponsor of the games is the public

Its two miles as the crow flies

But I ride four wide

Due to the Olympic bubble

Plonked in the middle

And I’m thinking, John Lewis,

Will ye let me through this?

All this building mess

So Stratford gets an M&S

Wetland marshes become marches

Football pitches become clear ways

Keep open a canal tow path?

You must be having a laugh

Triathlons with a Big Mac

Have a happy heart attack.

Enjoy, Drink, Think Coke-a-cola

Sure of course they don’t own ya

Taxpayer’s money for capital builds

And whose name’s on the fields?

Every dirty multi-national

All brought to you by visa

Don’t tell me it’s for world peace

Sure what did it do for Greece?

It’s a totalitarian regime

Giving Stratford a clean

A dictator’s wet dream

No one can criticize

As the budgets rise

Contracts to be dished up

Media all hushed up

An Olympic stadium

Is a public distraction

To stop us sussing the system

Give us bread and roses

Give us sexy poses

Give us brand new noses

But we don’t get peace

To cross the land we lease

From our ancestors before us

Corporations don’t own us

— Catherine Brogan

The corporations don’t own us, they are only minority sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have contributed less than 10% towards the cost of the Games, but one could be forgiven for thinking it otherwise.

We are facing an epidemic of childhood obesity.

Adidas, one of the corporate sponsors, source their Olympic consumer tat from sweatshops.

2012 London time (2312 Moscow time) London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony begins.

Over 2 million people estimated to have seen the Olympic torch relay.

This morning at 0812, bells rang across the country for three minutes. Any bells, church bells, bicycle bells, door bells, even Big Ben.

The torch was carried by boat from Hampton Court Palace down the Thames to the Tower of London.

Last Friday it was taken from Guildford to the Tower of London by helicopter. All week it has been carried around London. Yesterday to famous London landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral.

The torch will then go from the Tower of London to the Olympic Park where it will light the cauldron.

The Olympic torch relay has proved to be very popular. Not so the Olympic Games. Not because people do not like sport but because it is tainted by the corporate sponsorship, companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s.

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