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Who Do Politicians Take Money From?

January 8, 2015

We live in what’s called a democracy, but is owned by the people who provide the money. — George Monbiot

The parties are beholden to the people providing them with their election funding. — George Monbiot

Who owns our politicians?

Russell Brand in conversation with George Monbiot.

The pantomime season is drawing to a close, at least in the theatre, in the House of Commons it is a year-round spectacle, apart from when they take their long recesses.

Mainstream news coverage is no better, giving a platform to the clowns.

None of which bears any resemblance to the lives of real people.

Nothing guaranteed more to turn people off.

And can anyone tell the difference between Tories and ToryLite, between Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

Why vote, when all you are doing is choosing who will act for Big business, then expected to keep quiet until the next election?

If you play their games, you are playing by their rules.

We have to get dirty money out of politics.

They do not even need the money, apart from to line their own pockets. What does it get spent on? Er, the stupid Road to Ruin poster the Tories launched.

Politicians should follow the example of Caroline Lucas and crowd fund.

We should limit any money going to a political parties to the membership fee. One member, one fee, one vote.

The mainstream media has to learn life exists beyond the pantomime at Westminster.

You can vote, you can protest, and nothing ever happens, because our corrupt politicians are accountable to their paymasters, not us.

The infantile attack on Russell Brand by BBC Politics Editor Nick Robinson in the Radio Times is indicative of all what is wrong with the political-media establishment.

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