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Where are the Arms

February 13, 2012
Where are the Arms - Gabriel Kahane

Where are the Arms - Gabriel Kahane

In his review Album of the Week on the Bandcamp blog, Andrew Dubber is full of praise for Where are the Arms:

Kahane’s latest release, Where are the Arms, is not only clever, interesting and musically satisfying – it’s a Great Record. To me, the difference between a really wonderful album (of which there are many) and a Great Record (of which there are very few), lies somewhere in the work’s ambition, depth of emotion, honesty, complexity, immediacy, warmth, timelessness, personality and universality.

I would not disagree, Where are the Arms by Gabriel Kahane is excellent.

Comparisons, if comparisons are to be made, would be with early Simon and Garfunkel.

Simplicity of style, brings to mind the writing of Paulo Coelho, simple but elegant, and within that elegant simplicity lies layers of complexity.

Gabriel Kahane, an earlier album by Gabriel Kahane, is also excellent.

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LA – Gabriel Kahane

February 7, 2012

LA by Gabriel Kahane from the album Where are the Arms.

Very reminiscent of early Simon and Garfunkel.

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