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When is a pedestrianised street not a pedestrianised street?

February 13, 2017

It is a reasonable assumption, that a pedestrianised street is a pedestrianised street,  a safe area for pedestrians to stroll, free of cars, vans and lorries.

Not in the centre of Lincoln.

In the city centre, a pedestrianised area, where cars, vans and lorries drive through up until ten o’clock in the morning. That is the permitted time, they actually continue to drive through until at least 10-30.

Then a repeat after four o’clock.

Today the High Street was packed, and yet vans and lorries were driving through.

A lorry drove through, then turned right before the Stonebow.

Maybe the driver thought it ok, because he had his hazard lights flashing. Legally he could drive through as it was after four o’clock.

But earlier,  a car was driving up past The Stonebow up the High Street. Maybe the driver thought it was ok because he was  serf working for Hermes at less than the minimum wage and was delivering a parcel. Or maybe he thought it was ok because he or she had their hazard lights flashing.

Coffee Aroma have been ordered to remove their tables and chairs by four o’clock in the afternoon. And yet they are not the problem. The problems is crass planning policies that permit cars, vans and lorries to  drive through pedestrianised streets.

The week before, as I walked past Coffee Aroma at four o’clock with their tables and chairs stacked up, I was nearly run down by a white van.

Across Europe pedestrianised areas, vans and lorries park on the outskirts and deliver by handcart and trolley.

Why not in Lincoln?

It would be safer for pedestrians, minimise damage to the street surface, and improve the air quality with no diesel engines belching out their toxic fumes.

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