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What banks don’t want you to know about the Greek crisis

July 31, 2015

Goldman Sachs cooked the books to get Greece into the euro.

Feckless banks lent to to Greece.

By 2010, Greece was bankrupt, no way could Greece repay the debt. But more money was lent to Greece. To help the Greeks? Oh no, the money was used to bail out the feckless bankers.

But we have to punish those lazy Greeks, impose austerity.

The economy shrinks by 25%, unemployment rises. That debt which was unlikely to be repaid before, is now even less likely to be repaid. Debt 125% of GDP, now 175% of GDP.

In comes Syriza, a government of the people by the people, who suggest some modest proposals to get the Greek economy back on its feet. They hold a referendum to show their proposals have the full support of the people.

What, the Greeks dare challenge the EU. And they have that crazy Finance Minister who looks like a biker not a banker. They must be punished, we cannot have these southern upstarts refusing to accept their punishment. Do they not realise their role is to provide us with sunbeds by the pool? Turn off the money supply, bring the country to its knees, that will teach them, and when they unconditionally surrender, we will punish them even more, and we are going to take all their assets.

If we do not punish the Greeks and set an example, we will have the same problem with the Spanish, even the Cypriots will be tempted to stick two fingers up at us.

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