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Waterstone’s Lincoln: Paulo Coelho new book

August 12, 2014

Paulo Coelho has a new book, Adultery, out mid-August. Would the experience in Lincoln be any better than previous releases?

No, not aware of release, looked up on computer.

Due out Thursday, one copy.

This is a large bookshop, an international best-seller from an international best-selling author, the staff not aware, and one copy.

It is a reasonable expectation, that staff working in a book shop, have some knowledge of imminent releases from well known authors. At the very least would expect the store to supply briefing sheets to their staff.

One copy sold and they will have sold out.

On Sunday, Paulo Coelho with The Alchemist, three-hundred and fifteen continuous weeks, that is six years, in the New York Times best-seller list.

Adultery has in most if not all countries, leapt to No 1 on publication.

Note: There are two large Waterstone’s in Lincoln. The one checked was the one in the market, former Corn Exchange.

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