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Waterstone’s Guildford: Paulo Coelho’s latest book

August 29, 2014
Adultery I feel as if I were entering a  tunnel I've never travelled before, one that leads from cynicism to passion,  from irony to surrender.

Adultery I feel as if I were entering a tunnel I’ve never travelled before, one that leads from cynicism to passion, from irony to surrender.

After my appalling experience in WHSmith Guildford, I look in Waterstone’s Guildford, do they have Paulo Coelho’s latest book?

Waterstone’s much better.

I cannot see with new releases. I ask a very helpful young lady with flowers in her hair.

She says yes, they have, and takes me to a display table, where I had not thought to look.

None there. A colleague tells her all sold, more have come in. She tells me it is selling well, four sold that week, and seven more have just been delivered. She also tells me she had started reading Adultery and it was very good. She offers to go and unpack a copy for me, it will only take a few minutes, if I do not mind waiting. I say no, I am literally starving, and must go off and get some lunch.

I tell her of my appalling experience in WHSmith Guildford and thank her for being so helpful.

I had looked in Waterstone’s Guildford prior to publication of Adultery, and told a member of staff I knew that it was an international best-seller. Heed must have been taken, as she said she would pass it on.

Contrast with WHSmith, an international best-seller, on special offer, and yet they do not bother to stock, if they do not on prominent display, and if they sell their only copies, they do not restock.

Waterstone’s Guildford: Paulo Coelho new book

August 1, 2014

Paulo Coelho has a new book, Adultery, out mid-August. Would the experience in Guildford be any better than previous releases?

Waterstone’s Guildford, used to have a chalkboard behind the main counter listing new releases. Not any more. I asked.

Girl had not a clue what I was asking for, looked it up.

Yes, they would have one copy!

One copy!

Waterstone’s is becoming a laughing stock.

Adultery is an international best seller, from an international best selling author. Adultery has shot to Number One in most if not all countries on release. Waterstone’s Guildford, a large bookshop, former Ottaker’s flagship store, will have one copy!

Top Story The Abundance Daily (Saturday 2 August 2014).

Three Paulo Coelho books on display in Waterstone’s

April 11, 2014
Waterstone's Guildford Paulo Coelho books

Waterstone’s Guildford Paulo Coelho books

Paulo Coelho quote on display table

Paulo Coelho quote on display table

Wonders will never cease. Three Paulo Coelho books on display in Waterstone’s.

Not only that, the heading on the display table, a quote from Paulo Coelho: It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting ….

The real test will come when Adultery is published in August (currently in Portuguese only, Adultério). Will Waterstone’s have on promnent display? So far something they have failed with his last few publications.

Paulo Coelho on display in Waterstone’s

January 17, 2014
Paulo Coelho Waterstone's

Paulo Coelho Waterstone’s

Wonders will never cease, Paulo Coelho on display in Waterstone’s!

I thought it very strange, Waterstone’s Guildford, not a single copy of Manuscript Found in Accra on the shelves with other books by Paulo Coelho. I was about to raise with the staff, when my eye was caught by a table top display.

Note: Cross the High Street, and Manuscript Found in Accra in WHSmith at half price, offer ends Wednesday.

Manuscript Found in Accra, set in Jerusalem on the eve of the attack by the Crusaders, is the latest from Paulo Coelho.

Waterstone’s Guildford catches fire

September 26, 2011

Waterstone’s Guildford caught fire on Sunday.

Apparently a fire in the Costas coffee shop on the first floor which burnt through to the ground floor.

I looked in today. Strong smell of smoke, lots of damage. I do not know what the first floor is like or floors above the first.

Waterstone’s Guildford is closed until further notice.

Weird, no mention by Waterstone’s on twitter!

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