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Waitrose pick your own offers

June 20, 2015
Waitrose pick your own offers

Waitrose pick your own offers

Waitrose pick your own offers

Waitrose pick your own offers

As I walked into Waitrose Farnham, sign saying pick your own offers, 20% off.

What does this mean, literally pick your own offers, get 20% off? Rather than offers on what you do not want, or dumb buy one get one free, when you only want one and generate food waste?

Many items had labels. What did this mean?

Sounds like a good idea. I pick what I get on offer. After all that is what the label says.

I asked a passing employee. Or partners as Waitrose call them.

I take what I want to the checkout, get 20%? Er, not quite. You have to go on-line, pick what you want, then show Waitrose card at checkout, then get 20% off.

WTF. What dumb-arsed, brain-dead jerk at Waitrose head office thought up such a dumb idea? I have to go on-line before I shop, to decide what I want on offer?  It is going to cause chaos at the checkouts. People are going to take items to the checkouts, expecting 20% off (I asked). Apparently the web site does not work, click the wrong item, nightmare trying to suss how to un-click.

Why not have pick what you want in store, go to checkout, scan Waitrose card, get 20% off. Ooh far to simple.  far better to have a complex system to piss customers off.

It is like the free coffee. It used to be possible help yourself to a free coffee. Easy, simple. But that was far too easy for customers. Now have to go to checkout, pay for coffee, show Waitrose card, cancelled from bill, then get cup for free coffee.

Today, I lacked my Waitrose card, handed back free newspaper, free coffee cup.

Not to worry regular customer, go the information desk and ask for a cup. Er no, that would be treating customers with respect, and far too easy. Told to go on-line, obtain the number for card. Did not work. I could than have called Waitrose. It was not worth the effort. I walked out and went home.  Had there been someone on the desk who knows I am a regular, I would have been given a cup.

Waitrose Farnham always has long queues at checkouts, because they fail to adequately man.

Waitrose Farnham has unbelievable bad stock control. Last week no cherries. This week no cherries, no Kenyan tea, no fresh bread. Every week, there is the same problem with poor stack control. Every week something I want is not on the shelves. Apart from M&S, I do not have this problem in any other store.

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