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Vue Cinema Farnborough signs of desperation

July 9, 2015
Vue Cinema Farnborough flyer

Vue Cinema Farnborough flyer

A couple of years ago a cinema opened in Wastegate in Aldershot. A couple of months ago a Vue Cinema opened in Farnborough.

Anecdotal evidence is the Vue Cinema is failing. It is not attracting the bums on seats. A late night YoYo bus running to serve the cinema, drives around empty. The chain restaurants that were to cluster around the cinema are non-existent (though may be no bad thing as take business away from local restaurants).

The Farnborough cinema empty is of no surprise. There are not enough bums on seats to go round to support a cinema in Aldershot and Farnborough. The best case scenario, it halves the number of bums on seats in Aldershot. The likely scenarios, one or both close, as no longer viable.

Signs of desperation, together with the junk food offers, the estate agents, now a flyer for Vue Cinema Farnborough being pushed through letterboxes.

Special deals, special offers, but looking at the unappealing programme, I would not wish to go even if free.

If this is the best films this summer, I hate to think what rubbish the worst.

There is an alternative cinema in Farnborough and it has far better offerings.

The cinema has not been without cost. The grotty Kingsmead shopping centre has been gutted, retailers kicked out or forced to the dead end, dead being a relative term as the entire shopping centre is dead. Matters made worse by closing one of the entrances.

How much money has the local council ploughed into this cinema?

Yet another example of crass planning decisions by the local council.

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