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Vietnamese health video on coronavirus

March 9, 2020

Excellent video, catchy song, from health authorities in Vietnam on the dangers posed by coronavirus and how to reduce risk and not to spread the virus.

The message has been turned into a a dance routine.

Covid-19 is a novel virus, the threat from which cannot be overstated.

Twice as infectious as seasonal flu, ten times the lethality.

Symptoms range from cough, fever through to death.

Mortality rate 3.4% (Italy in excess of 4%).

The world has been slow to act once the outbreak was known in Wu Han, is still slow to act.

France had a little over twenty cases, a week later over two hundred cases. A week later, UK a little over twenty cases, the following week over two hundred. As I write, UK had 207 cases yesterday, nine o’clock this morning 273 cases, rapidly approaching three hundred cases which will be possible exceeded before the day is over.

The main difference between France and UK, France has shut down all large gatherings of people.

Singapore, over two hundred cases, but over a period of several weeks.

There are no shortages, and yet panic buying has stripped shelves in some supermarkets thanks to media incited hysteria, irresponsible media click-bait scaremongering.

I have watched in horror as covid-19 has spread from China. Why was the border with Hong Kong not closed? Why were flights to China not suspended?

Flights to all badly infected areas should be suspended.

The reduction in flights has been by the airlines due to lack of passengers.

Lombardy in northern Italy is in lock down, Milan and Venice hot spots, and yet easyJet was sill operating flights to both cities.

Note: Italy’s coronavirus death toll jumped from 366 to 463 on Monday. It is the worst-hit country after China. All of Italy placed in lock down.

It has reached a tipping point where we should be considering suspending all international flights.

If I travel from one city to another by train, I may be taking covid-19 to the city I visit, or bring it back on my return trip. Passengers on the train my be transferring to intermediate stations.

Wash our hands, avoid crowded spaces.

In northern Italy, public gatherings are now banned. Restaurants may remain open, provided clientele remain at least a metre apart. Not too difficult to achieve when few people on the streets, tourists nonexistent.

In Italy, one supermarket is offering free delivery to anyone over 55.

As I write, Lombardy in lock down, no one allowed in or out, travel restricted within Lombardy. Finally, FCO issues advice to travellers not to travel to Lombardy.

Death toll in Italy has risen to 366.

Last week, it was learnt a company in Lincoln had brought workers over from northern Italy.

In Rome, hotels bookings for March 90% cancellation, the streets deserted.

A nightclub in Hull has voluntarily closed until further notice to reduce spread of coronavirus.

Avoid crowded public places. Avoid pubs, especially J D Wetherpoon where sick staff were forced into work or not get paid, avoid sporting events, avoid crowded restaurants, airports, planes, cruise ships, shopping centres, overcrowded commuter trains. And wherever possible, work from home.

US State Department travel advice: Do not board cruise ships. Maybe we should add, do not allow cruise ships to dock. As Athens has learnt, a floating all-inclusive hotel brings no benefits to the local economy.

Why has UK government not banned large public gatherings?

IOC should cancel Tokyo Olympics.

Restaurants should have on entry by the door hand sanitiser and before being shown to a table patrons asked to use. Anyone who refuses declined entry and politely asked to leave.

Any restaurant that uses Deliveroo should no longer. Deliveroo serfs ideal disease vector as they pass from one tacky takeaway to the next.

Jimmy Cliff – We Don’t Want Another Vietnam in Afghanistan

June 25, 2011

Jimmy Cliff at Glastonbury 2011 singing We Don’t Want Another Vietnam in Afghanistan.

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