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Dinner at Vangelis

May 18, 2019

With the closure of Nicolas Tavern serving traditional Greek-Cypriot cuisine, Vangelis a very poor second choice.

I had eaten in Vangelis last year or maybe the year before, and noted thenn very poor choice compared with Nicolas Tavern or Restaurant Plaka in Athens.

When Vangelis first opened in Protaras it was an excellent restaurant. Had it improved from when I last ate there? Sadly not.

Chicken soup weak, insipid and watery. Very poor compared with Nicolas Tavern.

Pork souvlaki, very poor compared with same dish in Athens.

Service also very poor.

Sitting outside, pollution from passing traffic, smoke blown in face from diners, and moronic noise from nearby bar.

Why serve water in plastic? It could and should be in a glass bottle the bottles then recycled, or at very least, the glass recycled.

Restaurants in Protaras are not busy, most are nearly empty, several have closed, they cannot compete will all-inclusive hotels and lowering quality is a race to the bottom.

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