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English universities degenerate into bums on seats businesses

June 3, 2014

Today, at Guildford farmers market, nestling between stalls selling tomatoes, wine, beer, bread, honey, strawberries, carrots, a stall for Surrey University.

Once upon a time, one would receive from a university academic information, now it is a marketing exercise.

Thanks to the unprincipled party LibDems tripling student fees to £9,000 per annum, students are no longer prepared to tolerate bad teaching, complaints are sharply rising. Students, as a last resort, are calling in their lawyers.

Surrey is one of those universities that has been forced to pay compensation. Why have they gagged the students they have compensated?

What has happened to universities as centres of free speech?

Why is the University Ombudsman refusing to name and shame?

An education, is not a commodity to be sold on a market stall, nor is it to earn more money, it is to improve the quality of life.

Universities are public funded institutions. If things are going wrong, we all have the right to know.

We need to return to the medieval model, or even Ancient Greece, the student as the junior partner, not someone to peddle goods and services to