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Vodafone hashtags get hijacked yet again

March 28, 2015

Vodafone do not seem to learn.

Please hijack their hashtags

and tell them what you think of their tax dodging.

Of course they could pay the billions of pounds in tax they owe.


September 24, 2014


Sunrise at 0659 this morning.

Cant and hypocrisy of Bristol and Sheffield Cathedrals

January 6, 2012
Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

The key issue is a theological one … what do we stand for as a Cathedral. Economic justice is the Number One issue in the Bible. — Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor St Paul’s Cathedral

One reason many do not like the church in particular and Christianity in general is the appalling cant and hypocrisy. Do as we preach, not as we do.

A religion of the poor and oppressed hijacked by Emperor Constantine to become the official state religion of a military empire. Overnight the oppressed became the oppressors. Religion turned into what it had always been, a tool to control the masses, not a means of liberation and salvation for the masses.

St Paul’s learned the hard way when Occupy London Stock Exchange turned up on their doorstep and St Paul’s decided to close for a week on bogus health and safety grounds. Having learnt the lesson the hard way, the clergy of St Paul’s are now working closely with the camp, having been forced to re-examine the core values of Christianity.

Lessons that have yet to be learnt by the administration at either Bristol Cathedral or Sheffield Cathedral. Both located amidst pockets of acute deprivation.

The Deans of both Cathedrals say they want their grounds back, that it is public space, are threatening eviction.

Are those in occupation not the public? Are they not engaging in wide discourse with the wider public? Have they not shown willingness to engage with the clergy of both cathedrals?

If there is a problem, then why are the clergy not talking to resolve it?

Why is Bristol Cathedral working in lockstep with the local council to mount an eviction? Since when has a local council represented local people, let alone acted for local people?

Sheffield Cathedral, a place for all people, unless you happen to be living in a tent as a protester, then pick up your tent and depart.

It is even claimed the camps are not making a difference. Jeremy Paxman made a similar crass comment on Newsnight two nights ago in his dumb preamble prior to an excellent interview with Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s, when he said nothing has been achieved as it has not changed capitalism.

Nothing has changed?

Would Giles Fraser have been on Newsnight two nights ago? Would David Cameron yesterday have been saying action has to be taken against corporate tax dodgers? Would the issues raised by UK Uncut have been on Newsnight last night?

The entire political landscape has changed. The only reasons these issues of social justice and tax avoidance are being raised at all is thanks to St Paul’s in-the-Camp and the numerous camps across the country including Occupy Bristol and Occupy Sheffield and UK Uncut targeting tax dodgers like Sir Philip Green and Vodafone.

As Giles Fraser said two nights ago on Newsnight, minor issues of inconvenience in the greater realm of things are far less important than the issues being raised, issues which go to the core of Christianity and why churches like St Paul’s and our great cathedrals were built.

Giles Fraser was preceded by an odious woman from the Church of England General Synod, lacking in grace and lacking any understanding of the message of Jesus. People like her give all Christians a bad name.

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Persecution of HMRC whistleblower Osita Mba

December 10, 2011
Osita Mba HMRC whistleblower

Osita Mba HMRC whistleblower

Osita Mba the solicitor at HM Revenue and Customs who has blown the whistle on dodgy tax deals at HMRC is now being persecuted by HMRC. His ‘crime’ to tell a parliamentary committee of the dodgy goings on at HMRC.

He has been told not to enter the Revenue’s building in Westminster without a personal escort from his line manager.

This is disgraceful treatment of a decent man who has exposed wrongdoing within HMRC.

A petition has been set up in support of Osita Mba and all future whistleblowers. Please support and sign.

The man who should be driven out of HMRC is Dodgy Dave Hartnett, the most wined and dined civil servant, the tax dodgers friend.

Be careful what you wish for. As a write I learn he is to be ‘retired’!

Why is it that corrupt and incompetent what are jokingly called public servants are nearly always retired, rarely fired and almost unknown to be prosecuted and thrown into prison?

For Dodgy Dave Hartnett, retirement on a fat penison, nice little earners from dodgy tax dodgers as a thank you is totally unacceptable, his retirement must be behind bars stripped of all pension rights.

He does not go until the summer of next year. No, he must go now, a nice Christmas present for hard working HMRC straff and ordinary tax payers on PAYE who pay their taxes.

Osita Mba is not the only rebel within HMRC.

Calling themselves Dissent, a rebel group of 324 tax office staff with members in every ofice have set up a whistleblowing network to expose what they see as ‘corruption, ineptitude and mismanagement’.

Morale is at rock bottom within HMRC with only 17% of staff having confidence in senior management.

Were HMRC to tackle the tax dodgers there would be no need for public sector cuts.

To anyone who says UKUncut and OccupyLSX are having no effect, would Dave Hartnett be getting the boot if they did not exist?

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Block the Bridge

October 10, 2011
Save our NHS - Westminster Bridge

Save our NHS - Westminster Bridge

Block the Bill - Westminster Bridge

Block the Bill - Westminster Bridge

Sunday afternoon people from all over the country occupied Westminster Bridge in protest at cuts and privatisation of the National Health Service.

On the eve of the protest I thought, why not the police let protesters occupy the bridge, it is after all public highway. For once intelligent policing, and that is what happened. Maybe because the police facing 20% cuts and in the same boat. Sadly though they did blot their copy book later by directing protesters off the bridge into a kettle on Lambeth Bridge.

Coverage of Block the Bridge by BBC Radio 4 news was a disgrace. A brief mention on a couple of on-the-hour two-minute news bulletins and that was it.

No mention on the garbage Westminster Hour. The real world occupies Westminster Bridge and yet not a mention. Nor a mention on the midnight news.

We won’t take this lying down: Thousands of demonstrators force Westminster Bridge to close with protest over Government health reforms

I recall my grandmother talking about days before the NHS, dreading anyone falling ill and a visit from the doctor and having to pay the doctor. We do not wish to see a return to those grim days.

I remember a pre-NHS Britain. I don’t want to see a post-NHS one

But already, in Yorkshire, patients are being charged for minor surgery. They are referred to a private company which surprise surprise, they find is owned by their own company.

In Farnborough, doctors and dentists have been told to refer patients to a hospital in Basingstoke, not the nearby Frimley Park. Patients are being denied patient choice and when they try to exercise that choice are being told they have to go to Basingstoke.

Farnborough patients denied patient choice

Yes, there are need for reforms. Consultants should be stopped from using the NHS to tout for business. Sorry a three month wait, but if you wish to bribe me, oops I mean pay me, you can be seen next week as my private patient.

Bono Pay Your Tax!

June 25, 2011
Chumbawamba headlining today at Glastonbury on the Tripod Stage! Great T-shirts!

Chumbawamba headlining today at Glastonbury on the Tripod Stage! Great T-shirts!

They have watchtowers built into the Glastonbury fence, seemed oddly familiar. — Mark Thomas

I’m all for protests. I’ve been protesting all of my life. I’m glad they got the chance to have their say. But, as it happens, what they’re protesting about is wrong. — Bono

Bono likes to pontificate on the world stage on Third World issues. Nothing wrong with that, he highlights real issues. But that does not excuse him from paying his taxes.

Last night at Glastonbury, ArtUncut pulled a stunt which highlighted his failure to pay his tax.

Campaigner Charlie Dewar said:

U2’s multi million-euro tax dodge is depriving the Irish people at a time when they desperately need income to offset the Irish government’s savage austerity programme.

Tax nestling in the band’s bank account should be helping to keep open the hospitals, schools and libraries that are closing all over Ireland.

Bono is well-known for his anti-poverty campaigning but Art Uncut is accusing him of hypocrisy.

Glastonbury security thugs were not amused. They pounced!

Bono was not amused. Bono criticised the tax protesters for “using large music events to raise awareness of political movements is tacky and opportunistic.”

Erm. Is this not what Bono does? Is this not the pot calling the kettle black?

Shame on the BBC who edited the incident out of their Glastonbury coverage.

Top story in Bono Daily (Saturday 25 June 2011).

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We are all in it together

January 2, 2011
exclusive Swiss ski resort of Klosters

exclusive Swiss ski resort of Klosters

Massive cuts to welfare budgets hitting the poorest and disadvantaged hardest. University student fees to rise threefold, education maintenance allowance for the poorest students scrapped. Lollipop ladies fired. Bookstart scrapped. Slash and burn of public services. The vast majority of the population seeing real disposable income fall as prices rise and the economy deflates.

We are all in it together!

Not if you are the super rich who have seen their wealth rise by a third in the year just ended. Not if you are tax dodgers like Sir Philip Green, Vodafone, Boots and many others.

Not if you are those who pushed through the austerity measures and slash and burn of public services. They celebrated Christmas and saw in the New Year living a life of Riley.

Millionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne saw in the New Year at the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Klosters. No doubt those he rubbed shoulders with were happy to swap tips on the latest tax avoidance scams. But then Osborne does have the Finance Director of Vodafone as his adviser on corporate tax.

Probably the worst was House of Commons Speaker John Bercow elected to the position in the wake of the expenses scandal on a manifesto to clean up Parliament. Whilst the plebs shivered in the cold and the crush on the Embankment to watch the world’s most spectacular firework display to see in the New Year, Bercow held a lavish party on the House of Commons Terrace so he and his invited cronies could see in the New Year in style. Commons lackeys and flunkies were in attendance, including the Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms. One of those present was Prison Minister Cripin Blunt, having a good time whilst HMP Ford open prison in Sussex burnt to the ground. Bercow’s wife gushed on twitter what a wonderful time they were having.

Now why do I have an image of Mary Antoinette?

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Hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

December 28, 2010
hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

Not satisfied with scrapping Bookstart, not content with increasing student university tuition fees three fold and scrapping Education Maintenance Allowance for the poorest students, the latest slash and burn of public services is to fire hundreds of lollipop men and women who help kids safely across the road as they leave school.

At what cost in terms of maimed and killed school kids?

Every day in 2009, 12 children were killed or seriously injured on our roads.

Hundreds of lollipop ladies to be laid off

Liberal Democrats: Say goodbye to broken promises

December 21, 2010

When you watch this please try not to throw up!

Not only did LibDems fail to honour their election pledge on not hiking student fees, they pledged fair taxes, a fair society, no broken promises like the othert parties. We are different claimed the loathsome Nick Clegg.

Fairness? Cutting Education Maintenance Allowance to the poorest kids who wish to stay on in education. Hiking student fees to three times their current levels.

Affordable housing? Cutting housing benefits.

Fair Taxes? Letting the rich avoid paying tax.

The trail of broken promises comes to an end. We can say goodbye to broken promises.

But then the loathsome Nick Clegg got the whiff of power and the stench went to his head.

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Tax dodgers shut down again

December 19, 2010
My Public Library Pay Your Tax So It Can Stay Open

My Public Library Pay Your Tax So It Can Stay Open

Topshop £285 million tax dodge

Topshop £285 million tax dodge

BHS banner drop Brighton

BHS banner drop Brighton

Topshop Tunbridge Wells

Topshop Tunbridge Wells

Chant: HSBC shame on you! We pay taxes, why can’t you?

Chant: tax avoiders off our streets! Philip green, national thief, pay yourt tax or we won’t leave!

Chant: Where did all our money go? Shipped it off to Monaco!

Dear The Rich, please pay your share so we, The Poor, don’t have to lose our welfare state to prop up your banks. Thanks.

It was the last weekend before Christmas, the busiest shopping day of the year, the cash bells ringing, then came the snow. It was the last weekend before Christmas, UK Uncut had decided to target the tax dodgers, shut down as many retail stores as possible, then came the snow.

Severe weather warnings, trains not running, the airports closed, roads closed, the weather dominated the news programmes. Not a good day to shut down Vodafone, Topshop and other tax dodgers, or so I thought. Only the day before over 50 actions had been flagged up.

But I was pleased to say I was proved wrong. They came, they occupied. Across the country stores and banks were occupied and closed down.

In Covent Garden, protesters held a sleep over in HSBC in protest at housing cuts. HSBC had now been added to the list after it was revealed they had dodged £2 billion in tax. If paid there would be no need for housing cuts.

A santa from Big Society Revenue and Customs was glued to the window of Dorothy Perkins.

M&S was targeted in Hackney and Oxford Street.

Why M&S? M&S trousered £492 million in unpaid tax over the last five years, that is if they had paid tax at the existing rate of corporate tax.

This needs putting in context: it apparently costs £162 million a year to provide school sport, or about £810 million over five years. M&S could have paid for 72% of that if it had paid the full rate of UK tax on its profits or 60% if it had just settled the total tax it provided on its profit and loss account.

In normally sleepy Tunbridge Wells, despite the inclement weather, around 30 protesters turned out.

The Library Bloc was very effective. Reading books to shut down stores whilst at the same time highlighting closure of public libraries. Closures that would not be necessary were tax dodgers to pay their taxes.

Well done Anna Fleur (@magiczebras) who revised for her GCSE whilst occupying HSBC. Trade minister Stephen Green just happened to be director of HSBC whilst they dodged £2bn in tax.

Topical and brilliant, Santa protests too much when he hears his local library might close. A festive verse comedy by Ian McMillan. [BBC Radio 4, broadcast 19:00 Saturday 18 Dec 2010, repeat 17:40 Sunday 19 Dec 2010]

Vodafone’s waived tax bill could have paid for every single cut to every single council in the country this year.

Philip Green’s tax dodges could have paid for two years of sports in every school in the country.

Shame on the BBC who failed to report!

Do not the Brits have a reputation for apathy? A winge over their lukewarm beer but that is as far as it goes. But push them too far, as Hitler found, and they fight

Austerity cuts, an exagerated budget defecit being used as an excuse for application of Shock Doctrine and the resultant slash and burn of public services, the rich laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts and the long-sufring Brits have said enough is enough.

It all started with the shutdown of the Vodafone flagship store in Oxford street on 7 October 2010 and it has taken off from there. We have seen what has become almost a regular feature of the weekend, shutdown of Vodafone stores and other tax dodgers. We have seen students take to the streets and occupation of universities not seen since the late 1960s.

And yet we have see what appears to be a media blackout.

The first most people know of these protests is when out shopping and ask what is going on. They then join in.


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