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UKIP Rochester by-election victory

November 21, 2014

I am absolutely determined to win this seat back at the next general election. — David Cameron

A Tory Member of Parliament, defects to UKIP, a by election is called, and he retains the seat, though with a much reduced majority to when he held it as a Tory.

Tory MPs have a choice, defect to UKIP or lose their seat.

David Cameron says he is determined to win Rochester back at the General Election.

How? How determined is determined? He threw everything bar the kitchen sink at Rochester and still he could not win the seat. He went down five times, Tory MPs were under instruction to visit Rochester at least three times.

It sounds more like desperation than determination.

What Cameron fails to understand is that people are sick of him, his party and all what he stands for. We saw that in Scotland during the Independence Referendum.

Ed Miliband crowed about the result. But what has he to crow about? We have a hated and reviled ConDem government, and yet the best they could manage was third, nationally they are level pegging with the Tories. They should be streets ahead, but they are not and that has a to do with Ed Miliband as leader and the lack of any radical polices, the failure to offer anything other than Tory-lite. Ed Miliband is an unmitigated disaster for Labour.

Ed Miliband will be ditched after the General Election if Labour fare badly. Why therefore not dump him now?

LibDems are on a trajectory to oblivion, and good riddance.

The Green Party did reasonably well.

In Scotland, Labour are going to be wiped out, as the Tories have already been wiped out.

We now effectively have a five party system, so why are the Green Party not being offered equal billing with the other parties?

We are going to see a Parliament composed of Tories, Labour, SNP, UKIP, Green Party, and with the possibility of the LibDems completely wiped out.

Tories and Labour are being accused of trying to out-Ukip UKIP on immigration. This is nonsense, it is the public who are driving the agenda.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband say they are tough on immigration. No one has seen this in practise. Empty words.

If they are, then let us see them set foot in Aldershot and deal with the Nepalese parasites.

They say they are tough on tax-dodgers. More empty words, the tax-dodgers are laughing all the way to their tax havens.

We had George Osborne spending tax payers money in a doomed legal case to defend bankers bonuses. How out of touch can he be?

David Cameron says he is the only one offering an EU referendum. If true, then let us see one at he General Election 2015.

Local and European Elections 2014

May 26, 2014
ep2014 projected seats

ep2014 projected seats

Why the surprise at the results? The surprise is the surprise, or maybe we should not be surprised that political commentators and mainstream parties are so out of touch.

Anyone who has an ear to the ground would not be at all surprised at the results.

Ukip have trashed the other parties. Why, because people are sick of the other parties, sick of the EU and want to see tight controls on immigration.

What was disgraceful during the campaign was the smear tactics used against Ukip.

Labour blame failure to tackle Ukip. That was not the problem. The problem is the failure to offer any radical alternative to the hated ConDem government. All Labour offer is Tory Lite. A leader who is incapable of coherent argument, who speaks in meaningless sound bites.

The only party offering a radical alternative is the Green Party. And yet they barely got a look in, thus the public is not aware of their polices: EU referendum, tight controls on immigration, renationalise the railways, no to fracking, safeguard the NHS, a living wage, derail HS2, no second runway at Gatwick, no third runway at Heathrow, tackling of climate chaos …

We could have had an EU referendum during the May elections. Why did we not? Because the outcome is known, a massive NO to EU.

Labour are refusing an EU referendum, which shows arrogant contempt for the people. The position of the Tories little better, sometime in the future in Never Never Land.

The contempt the Tories have for the people was shown when one day after the elections, they made an important announcement on fracking.

It is not only England that seeks a destruction of the EU. It is true in other countries too. The same applies to mass immigration.

In Cyprus, their tourist industry is being destroyed through use of cheap immigrant labour. Cheap Romanians and Bulgarians, who do not speak English who lack any knowledge of Greek let alone Cypriot culture, who make no contribution to the local economy. Side by side with the use of cheap immigrant labour, high local unemployment, reliance upon food banks.

Cyprus and Greece have seen their economies destroyed by the EU.

The EU is corrupt, undemocratic, a tool of big businesses, an attempt by Nazis in the dying days of the Third Reich to create the Fourth Reich.

Break up of the EU is not a left-right issue, it is an issue of democracy and accountability.

LibDems blame their trashing on being willing to take on Ukip. They did not, Nick Clegg came across as a fool, Vince Cable a clown. LibDems are a party entirely lacking in principles. The party whose only interest is power, who will do anything to remain in power, and it is this lust for power that has been their downfall. The party that delivered austerity, Bedroom Tax, a tripling of student fees, massive growth in food banks, workfare, class warfare on poor, disabled, destruction of NHS, hike in rail fares. The LibDems deserve to be wiped out. Nick Clegg will be written in the footnotes as the unprincipled leader of the LibDems who destroyed the party. If Nick Clegg had any decency or integrity left, he would have resigned.

The LibDems are going to be wiped out for a generation, and they deserve to be. And the LibDems cannot pile all the blame on Nick Clegg. They are calling for the sacking of Nick Clegg. They should have ousted him as soon as he sold out the party for a handful of silver. They did not as so they are all tarred with the same brush.

The mainstream media talk of a redrawn four party political scene. Once again they have lost the plot. It is now a five party political scene, with the LibDems as also rans.

In the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, only two Green candidates stood in the local elections, they only announced they were standing a couple of weeks before the elections, and yet by highlighting the contempt the local council has for local people, they managed a respectable second and third place in the respective seats they challenged. In the Euro elections: UKIP 7712, Tories 6435, Labour 3636, Green Party 1661, Libdems 1491.

There is something else happening, reflected in low turnout out, far more important than elections and political parties and that is the move to a gift economy and collaborative commons. It is slowly, slowly gathering momentum.

Top Story in Sue Searle Daily (Wednesday 28 May 2014).

UKIP policy on climate change

May 9, 2014


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