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The missing billions | UK Uncut

June 15, 2012
UK Uncut legal action in court

UK Uncut legal action in court

Only philistines would close libraries. Only the meanest would cut benefits to the most vulnerable in society.

The ConDem government is doing both.

On idealogical grounds the ConDem government is engaging in slash and burn of public services in the name of austerity.

What sort of sick bastard works in a Job Centre and takes a sick pleasure in cutting benefits to the most vulnerable in society, forcing people to work as unpaid slave labour?

The cuts are not even necessary were HMRC to do their job properly and collect unpaid tax from tax avoiders.

UK Uncut Legal Action have been given leave to challenge HMRC letting off Goldman Sachs a £20 million tax bill.

We only know the details of this case due to a brave whistle-blower. A whistle-blower HMRC victimised.

If a small business does not pay their tax, they are chased by HMRC, if necessary made bankrupt to recover the tax.

Why is Dave Hartnett, the most wined and dined public servant, not under criminal investigation for Misconduct in Public Office and money laundering?

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