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December 4, 2019

Three boxes, one hides an object, move around very fast, punter has to bet where it is hiding.

It does not have to be three boxes, it could be upturned cups.

Trickster I had seen the previous weekend. On the Saturday a different trickster, there on the Sunday, when two tricksters with same trick.

What I noticed on the Sunday, the same people gathered around who I had seen on the Saturday, obviously part of the scam. One fat guy happily bets then loses three fifty euro notes, another when trickster not looking, points to where the hidden object.

As a child I used to see this trick being played in Petticoat Lane.

I encountered these tricksters as I was walking between Thiso and Monastiraki Metro stations alongside the track overlooking the Ancient Agora.

I am blocked when I try to take photos.

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