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God is not always silent

June 30, 2010

God is not alway silent, and man is not always blind. In every man’s life there are moments when there is a lifting of the veil at the horizon of the known, opening a sight of the eternal … But such experiences are rare events. To some people they are like shooting stars, passing and unremembered. In others they kindle a light that is never quenched. … The remembrance of that experience and the loyalty to the response of that moment are the forces that sustain our faith. In this sense, faith is faithfulness, loyalty to an event, and loyalty to our response.

— Rabbi Abraham Heschel

From Tree of the Art of the Mind a very moving article by Tom Weidlinger. A lovely example of synchronicity.

For my lovely friend Sian who brings much joy and happiness into my life and sadness too and without who my life would be the poorer.

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