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Happy Easter

April 5, 2015

Twice yesterday, Saturday afternoon, I was greeted ‘Happy Easter’.

Once by an English friend, then later by a Nepalese (Buddhist) friend.

Is this a new trend, as never before have I been greeted ‘Happy Easter’?

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, but never Happy Easter.

Christmas is marked by an orgy of obscene consumerism. Easter has tended not to be marked, apart from shops closing on Sunday (they used to close Good Friday).

There has though of late been an attempt to bring back Easter, processions in the street with a large wooden cross being carried, Passion Plays.

What has Easter eggs and rabbits got to do with Easter, asked my Nepalese friend?

She, as with most non-Christians, finds Christianity a perplexing mystery. If we are honest, so do most Christians, as they lack any understanding of the origins of their religion.

Absolute nothing, I said, and I have no idea where it has come from.

Triangle, a Christian bookshop was offering Real Easter Eggs.

What are real Easter eggs?

Painted white eggs?

In Lithuania, the eggs are painted, then at Easter smashed.

Easter eggs in Milk and Honey

Easter eggs in Milk and Honey

In Brazil, a tradition of painted Easter eggs.

Easter bunny and egg in Cyprus

Easter bunny and egg in Cyprus

In Cyprus, 2m high rabbits and eggs in the street.

We have Western Christians and Orthodox Christians celebrating Easter at different times of the year. For Orthodox Christians, Easter is not this weekend but next weekend.

And Easter is never the same date, it moves with the cycle of the moon.  The reason being is that, like Christmas, it is an adaption of pre-Christian festivities. It is easier to persuade people to celebrate a festival with a new name, than to force them to celebrate a new festival.