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Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Labour cannot go on being Tory-lite’

August 5, 2015
Vote Corbyn  New Labour Isn't Working

Vote Corbyn New Labour Isn’t Working

All of the economic research that allegedly supported the austerity push has been discredited. — Paul Krugman

Channel 4 News interviewer says economic policy put forward by Jeremy Corbyn not credible.

Says who? Which part? Not leading economists who say austerity is not working.

Labour Shadow Chancellor is as economically illiterate as George Osborne

Tweedledee v Tweedledum. Labour unelectable for foreseeable future whilst they offer no credible alternative to failed Tory policies. Either people will not vote as they have no wish to legitimise a corrupt system , or if they want Tories, they will vote Tory.

Unbelievably bad Channel 4 News interviewer. Maybe they should have had Paul Mason, who at least does understand something about economics.

As bad as BBC interviews which keep referring to Hard Left,and did not challenge view of Shadow Labour Chancellor, whose views at odds with leading economists.

Last week Harriet Harman said  names were being forwarded to local Labour parties to weed out those known to them. Today, she said Labour MPs had been asked to do the same. Democracy?

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

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