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Tortilla en Milonga´s

March 18, 2015


i was amazed at the size. Enough for two or three people. In Puerto de la Cruz, a slice.

Very poor quality compared with Puerto de la Cruz.

Very poor service.

Bar Restaurante Venezuela

March 6, 2013
Bar Restaurante Venezuela

Bar Restaurante Venezuela

Bar Restaurante Venezuela is a pleasant enough little restaurant in Punta Brava, though completely lacking in atmosphere, not that is if morons shouting to each other is atmosphere.

I have come to the sad conclusion that the peasant class in Tenerife is both brain dead and stone deaf. Gather together two or more and quiet conversation seems to be beyond them, they shout at each other.

The food though was surpisingly good. I ordered tortilla, with no idea what to expect. I expected a small slice, with what I did not know. What came was a large plate, half of a large tortilla, salad, and a glass of water and a beer which I had added to the order.

But what would otherwise have been a pleasant meal was spoiled by the horrendous noise.

Bar Restaurante Venezuela is located in Punta Brava, opposite Santa Rita, or to be more exact, opposite Hogar Santa Rita.

Punta Brava is a little village one end of Playa Jardín, Puerto de la Cruz at the other end.

Synchronicity: Strange, considering the name of the restaurant, the day, or maybe the day after, Hugo Chavez dies, Presidente de Venezuela.