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Burger and off Old Speckled Hen at Tilly Shilling

October 3, 2019

I was going to the Tilly Shilling but as I passed by Pick a Bap Korean restaurant in the shabby shopping centre I decided to drop in instead.

A big mistake. Sweat and sour chicken, I barely touched it.

Each visit to Pick a Bap has been worse.

Friday night, I left half eaten, Monday barely touched.

Food not in the same league as Indonesian street food restaurant in Aldershot or Bamboo Shoots in Guildford.

It was then on to Tilly Shilling, a Wetherspoon pub.

Poor choice of beer. I picked Old Speckled Hen. It was off, tasted vile, smelt vile, best described as vinegar.

Waiter took one whiff and agreed and changed for a half of Brew Dog Punk IPA. I should have requested a pint.

Burger not good.

Wetherspoon has gone rapidly down hill. Poor choice of beer, food never good, corners cut to maintain profitability.

At night this pub is the go to for the local drunks boozing on cheap booze. Dreadful inside, and on the street causing a nuisance with their drunken noise, screaming and shouting into the early hours of the morning.

Police and local council need to act to either get Wetherspoon to clean up their act or shut the pub down. At the very least make tables outside no smoking and close at midnight.

Lunch at Tilly Shilling

July 13, 2013
cod and chips

cod and chips

I was going to have a steak (as you get a free beer), but I saw it was fish day, a battered cod came with a free drink.

I chose the most expensive beer, a blond beer, and why not if it is free, beer battered cod, chips and garden peas.

When it came, a reasonable sized piece of cod, chips that could have been fresher, and peas.

To the credit of Wetherspoon, this is the first time I have had a decent piece of cod in Farnborough. The cod was excellent, it also had lovely crispy, tasty batter.

There is a fish n chip shop in the town centre. The fish is never fresh and often going off, the portion size miniscule, the chips they must count onto the plate as so few of them. I am surprised they are still in businesses.

The beer was also good.

I can see I will be back.