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Ticketmaster ticket scam scuppered

May 17, 2012

Nothing pisses me off more than trying to buy tickets for a concert and finding the ticket office tries to charge me for the privelege of buying a ticket.

Worse still are parasites Ticketmaster who levy a charge for selling tickets.

Worst still is that Ticketmaster pimp for scum of the earth ticket touts.

Well done therefore String Cheese Incident who have scuppered the Ticketmaster ticket scam.

In what can be seen as a novel form of crowd sourcing and community supported music, fifty fans and friends of the band String Cheese Incident took $20,000 in cash to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The cash had been advanced by the band. With the cash they bought tickets, eight tickets each at $49.95. Then they took the tickets to the band who sold them through their website at $49.95 each, thus bypassing Ticketmaster and their markup.

I had not heard of String Cheese Incident, let alone heard them. For all I know they may be crap musically, but they certainly have integrity. We need more bands to follow their example.

It is not only the major record labels who are screwing bands and their fans. It is is also parasites like Ticketmaster and the ticket touts they pimp for.

Now all we need is String Cheese Incident to put their albums on bandcamp.

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