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Thomson holiday with free car hire scam

May 4, 2015

When an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is just that, too good to be true.

A family booked a Thomson holiday with free car hire.

They arrived at Malaga Airport expecting to find their car. Well yes, they found a car, but not what they had expected.

Instead of the car they were expecting, and they had it in writing, a car that would take them and their luggage, they found instead a tiny micro-car, into which it was impossible to fit.

You and Yours, BBC Radio 4:

Imagine the scene – you arrive at Malaga airport and head off with your family of four to pick up the hire car. You bought this holiday because it came with a free hire car – a Ford Fusion or equivalent. But then you see the car and despite what’s written on your contract, the car isn’t a Fusion, or anything like it, it’s a tiny Renault Twingo or Peugeot 107. This is what happened to listener Reverend Richard Hancock when he found he would have to squeeze himself his wife and two sons, and 80 kilos of baggage allowance into a micro car.

Thomson, were contacted. If Thomson in Malaga are anything like Thomson in Tenerife, they offer what they jokingly call an improved service, instead of being able to call a local office, have to call a call centre in the UK (at additional cost).

The family were offered an upgrade, an upgrade to what they had already booked, an upgrade that was going to cost them £175.

The moral of the story, if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

And if you want to hire a car when you go on holiday, book locally when you arrive, cut out the middle man.

In Protaras in Cyprus, try Windmills Car Hire, a range of cars, and what you pay is what you pay, no hidden extras. Car hire includes breakdown cover and insurance. Cars are provided with a full tank, returned with a full tank.

Windmills Car Hire also do a good deal on currency exchange.

Why not cut the tour operator out of your hotel, out of your holiday? Book a flight, book direct, book the hotel direct, cut out the middle man.

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