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Third Place

November 14, 2019

Third Place not easy to find and when found on a very noisy polluted street.

An interview taking place for Antenna, at least I think for Antenna, a Greek TV channel. Not of the coffee shop, chosen because interesting location. But I would have thought too noisy, though they wanted background buzz of a coffee shop.

I decided to visit because on my first visit to Third Place in May I was not impressed by the coffee.

My cappuccino ok but not great. Either poor quality roasting or poor quality beans.

I discussed with the barista, who is also the owner. He said roasted to suit Greek palette. Erm, maybe. But I am not entirely convinced.

Beans from Brazil, did not appear to be single origin. The same logic as Dope Roasting Co, roast Robusta albeit quality Robusta, to suit Greek taste, ie dump a load of sugar and milk because otherwise undrinkable.

I later had a cappuccino roasted by Bonanza for Resident in Berlin. Greek champion barista Kelly at Taresso brewed it. It was excellent, even though the coffee beans roasted in April and at least five months old and the bag had been opened.

Makes my point, Third Place would be well advised to source better quality beans, at least if wish to be taken seriously as a coffee shop.

Ambience, at least inside, excellent, pleasant decor, magazines like Cereal dotted around, though I would add Standart, Drift, Ambrosia, Om Nom, but let down by location, busy, noisy polluted street, and poor quality coffee.

Third Place

May 17, 2019

Third Place not very easy to find.

I tried a couple of days ago. By the time I finally found, too late for a coffee.

Pleasant decor, magazines dotted around, V60, Chemex, a choice of brew methods.

I suggested a few quality magazines they may wish to add

  • Standart
  • Drift
  • Ambrosia
  • Om Nom

The coffee on sale, I had never heard of.

I tried again today. Again difficulty in finding. Therefore no surprise empty.

I ordered a cappuccino. What size did I want? Always a bad sign when asked what size, as only one size.

Watching the preparation, I was baffled seeing the tamper rocked from side to side. Er no, weigh, level, then apply correct pressure.

My cappuccino was not great. Better than somewhere like Coffee Island but not on a par with the best coffee shops in Athens.

Not easy to find, coffee not great, I can not see remaining long in business.

By all means dot magazines around, create a pleasant environment, but if do not get the basics right, serve great coffee, will not remain long in business.

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