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The Tower

May 3, 2015
The Tower

The Tower

A flight of ravens flew over my frozen desert in the morning
Such a view I won’t forget
I saw their wings of smokey darkness covering the moon
they took away within their claws my sleep and with it
the most beautiful dream I’ve ever dreamed.

The lover of my dreams, he’s lost his powers
since they took him away and locked him in the tower
and through the bars, he sees the stars
he’s too close to the sky now
he calls my name, but what a shame
the wind blows his words away

And there, beneath the stars, the empty tower lies hidden by the fog
not even ravens fly so high to reach it
up there even the wind forgets to blow
down here on Earth there was a storm, but life goes further
and I am looking now for a real lover

 Iubitul din turn

Iubitul din turn

Un stol de corbi a trecut in zbor
Peste pustiurile mele inghetate au zburat
Au luat cu ei in gheare somnul si cu el
Ultimul vis pe care l-am visat.

Iubitul meu din turn a trist acum, e singur
L-au luat cu el si l-au inchis in turn, singur
Printre zabrele se uita la stele, e mult prea aproape de cer
Ma striga pe nume, l-aude o lume, d-ar crede ca-i vantul stingher

Acolo sus, in turnul suspendat, nici corbii nu mai vin
Acolo sus nu-i aer si nici vant
Iar eu imi caut azi un alt iubit
De-aici de pe pamant..

Last year Jewelia released Monsters.

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