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The Sunrise

May 24, 2015
ghost city of Famagusta seen from the sea

ghost city of Famagusta seen from the sea

1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus.

Today the island of Cyprus is still under Turkish military occupation.

In 1974 the tourists were oblivious to what was going on, as they are today.

Cyprus was betrayed by many people. Greek Cypriots who were killing fellow Cypriots and mounted a coup against their own government. Greece under the control of a Fascist military dictatorship that helped to mount the coup. The British guarantors of the independence of Cyprus failed to intervene.

The Sunrise tells the story of these turbulent times from the 1960s when Cypriots were killing each other, the 1974 invasion, as seen through the microcosm of a hotel in Famagusta and three families associated with the hotel.

Turkey used the coup as a pretext to invade, they were there to protect the Turkish Cypriots (most of who have subsequently fled). Prior to the invasion Cypriots lived together, not separated by a Green Line guarded by the UN, the island divided, one half under illegal Turkish military occupation.

Famagusta is a ghost town, sealed off by razor wire. It can be viewed from the sea from one of the boats that sets sail from Protaras Pier.