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Bowie Prom

August 3, 2016

Tribute to David Bowie at the Proms

Performance of many of his compositions, with new arrangements, at the Royal Albert Hall.

Various soloists, with musicians’ collective s t a r g a z e conducted by André de Ridder.


Eric Whitacre and Imogen Heap at The Proms

August 29, 2012
Eric Whitacre at The Proms

Eric Whitacre at The Proms


Warm-Up using music of Bernstein (2 mins)

Eric Whitacre

Alleluia (9 mins)

Eric Whitacre

Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine (9 mins)

Music inspired by flying machine of Leonardo da Vinci, using words of Leonardo and performed (allegedly) in the style of Victoria and Palestrina (sounded nothing like to me).

J S Bach

Bach Again (arr E London) (5 mins)

This bore no resemblance to Bach!

Eric Whitacre

Higher, Faster, Stronger (c8 mins) BBC Commission, World Premiere

Inspired by Olympics. Three choirs aranged as medal award, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Bloody awful noise.

Imogen Heap

The Listening Chair (arr Eric Whitacre) (c5 mins) World Premiere

The Listening Chair a project of Imogen Heap. Literally a chair in which people sat and voiced their thoughts. What is the song which still needs to be written? No common theme. What am I doing with my life? The song represents her life. One minute, every seven years of her life. Who am I now?

Starts like a nursery rhyme cum folk tale cum folk music.

This is the final song of Heapsongs.


Three Spirituals (arr Moses Hogan) (9 mins)

American sprituals. Unusal arrangements, but worked.

Eric Whitacre

Cloudburst (9 mins)

Inspired by a thunderstorm and downpour.

Eric Whitacre

Sleep (5 mins)

Originally set to words by Robert Frost until estate of Robert Frost forbade it.

Bob Dylan

Forever Young (encore)

Take words of Bob Dylan, then compose new music. Does not work!

I listened to the live broadcast by BBC Radio 3 from the Royal Albert Hall in High Definition sound (or at least I thought I was).

I was not very impressed. Came nowhere to the standard of a live concert by The Sixteen.

I wondered why, in this day of live streaming on the net, why all these concerts do not have live video feed?

Eric Whitacre I have never heard of before, and only listened because of his association with Imogen Heap. Not someone who I will be going out of my way to listen to again.

Considering how much one has to pay these days for concert tickets, the tickets were surprisingly cheap, £12 to £16 and on the night £5 for those promming. Maybe because late night.

A concert for the most part I did not enjoy. It was dire until Imogen Heap, sprituals were worth listening to.

A pity the entire concert was not Imogen Heap.

A much younger audience than usual for Proms. No doubt due to Imogen Heap!

I thought I was listening to the concert in HD. It was only towards the end of Imogen Heap I found I was not. It made amazing difference. Until then I was wondering why the sound quality was so poor.

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