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Only Nazis destroy books

November 17, 2011
The People's  Library

The People's Library

the people's library

the people's library

If you thought only Nazis destroyed books, think again.

The Church not only sought out heritics and burnt them at the stake, they destroyed their writings too. Muslim fundamantalists destroy books. As did a crazed pastor who thought it was ok to burn the Koran to make a point.

To that list we must now add the thugs of the NYPD and the Mayor of New York.

When the NYPD trashed Occupy Wall Street a couple of nights ago, they destroyed the cycle power system, trashed or stole several laptops and a wifi system. They also trashed or stole the People’s Library containing around 5,500 maybe more books. At least 50 of these books were donated and signed by their authors.

Will the mayor and NYPD be compensating for all that they have stolen or trashed?

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