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Sirloin steak The Queen Hotel

June 12, 2018

Visits to The Queen Hotel are more and more infrequent, each rare occasion is worse than before.

The good staff from when it opened have long gone.  The food is terrible.

I was surprised to find The Little Beer Corporation on tap. Maybe they had surplus beer Wetherspoon picked up on the cheap.

My meal was not good, service terrible, the usual drunks blocking the bar.

Once again I remind myself why I avoid pubs, frequent instead coffee shops and restaurants.

Wetherspoon News (summer 2018) had two bullshit articles.  One from Tim Martin praising LavAzza as quality coffee, the other from head of Camra talking complete bullshit on why pubs are closing (no mention of pubcos).

There are only two places to eat in Aldershot, Caffe Macchiato and Indonesia street food restaurant.

There is nowhere in Aldershot for coffee.

Little Tenderness

July 2, 2014
Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness in dumpy bottle

Little Tenderness poured into a glass

Little Tenderness poured into a glass

Little Tenderness, a bottled beer from The Little Beer Corporation which I picked up from The Joint on a trip to Guildford farmers market.

I decided I would drink it today in the garden.

I was reminded when I used to brew my own beer, only what I brewed was superior.

The Little Beer Corporation is a microbrewery based in Guildford. They crowd fund their production, and those who have crowd funded, get to buy the beer. As far as I am aware, The Joint is their only retail outlet.

The Little Beer Corporation

May 30, 2014
The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation

Always something new.

Today I learnt Guildford has a microbrewery, or as they call themselves, a nanobrewery.

I came across these beers in of all places a butcher, The Joint, in Jeffries Passage in Guildford, not where you’d expect to find beer (they have wine too), but then no ordinary butcher. But then you do not expect to see a butcher opening in the heart of a town centre.

The Little Beer Corporation has a surprisingly large range. They were established through crowd funding. I am surprised they do not have a stall on the Guildford farmers market.

The businesses model is different to most microbreweries, hope to find an outlet in a few pubs, and rely on Wetherspoon to pick up what is left at knock down price before it is poured down the drain. The Little Beer Corporation sell direct to their supporters, plus local outlets like The Joint.

Assuming they have a drinks licence, and assuming this beer is any good (I have yet to try), Harris + Hoole would be a good place to have on sale. And Café Mila in Godalming.

For a business that is locally based, community supported, I am shocked that they direct people to listen to music on spotify. Maybe they are not aware of the extent to which spotify rips off musicians. Please direct to sites like bandcamp, that actually support musicians.

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