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The Jewel in the Centre of the Land

March 27, 2014

When we last left WynnAlice she was passing through Cambridge.

Part way through her epic journey, six moons walking through England telling tales, collecting tales, all re-told in a great book, Tales of Our Times, a great book of thirteen chapters, thirteen copies, all as a result of a dream.

And as we all know from Santiago in The Alchemist, the way to adventure, is to follow our dreams.

Telling tales to gathered children, and what did they find, people having fun.

A society cut off from its roots, is no more healthy than a plant cut off from its roots.

A monotonous flat landscape, where distances are perceptive, the land of monoculture, Cereal Barons,

Farming is and should be about growing food, not money.

If a community collectively own a wind turbine, that produces free electricity for the local community, surplus sold to the grid, it is more likely to be accepted, than a wind farm imposed on the locality.

If we go to a bank and say please lend me the money, I want to buy a wood, the bank in all likelihood, will say no and show you the door. If the bank says yes, it will charge us 10% interest, which we will have to pay every year, plus we will have to pay back the money we have borrowed. Money is not freely lent, that is how those who have money accrue more money. And how do we pay back the interest, let alone the money borrowed? We have to make the wood work. And how do we make a wood work? By cutting down the trees.

That in a nutshell is the problem with usury. To pay the interest, the wood has to earn more than 10%. In a finite world, that is clearly infeasible, a growth rate in excess of 10%. The wood will either have to go into debt, and eventually be repossessed, or bit by bit of the wood sold off.

Our narrator Steph Bradley, has a new book in the offing, but she needs our help. She is running out of time to raise the money for the book.

Please sponsor, please spread the word, tweet on twitter, share on facebook, tell all your friends.

If everyone who follows this blog, contributes something, spreads the word, the deadline will be met and the book published.

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