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Martin Sheen Raves About The Camino Documentary!

April 28, 2011

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez presented a sneak peak of The Way – their upcoming feature film about El Camino de Santiago – at Georgetown University on 18 February 2011. During the Q&A afterwards, Lydia B Smith – Director/Producer of The Camino Documentary – stood up to congratulate the filmmakers, and Martin Sheen couldn’t help but comment on the documentary.

El Camino de Santiago is a medieval pilgrimage that at its height had a million pilgrims a year walking the route. It fell into disuse until in the 1980s Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho was forced to walk the route as a penance and wrote his account in The Pilgrimage, since then it has seen an exponential increase in pilgrims, the numbers peaking in Holy Years.

The History of the Pilgrimage to Compostela
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