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The Calling

January 26, 2014

Storyteller and scribe WynnAlice had a dream. She was to spend six moons, walking from town to village, village to town, telling stories, collecting stories, then, upon her return, she was to collect these tales in a great book of thirteen chapters, to represent the thirteen moons in a year, the great book to be known as Tales of Our Times, and there was to be thirteen copies of the great book, the book known as Tales of Our Times.

And so it was WynnAlice, as with Santiago in The Alchemist, a tale told by the great storyteller from foreign lands Paulo Coelho, who was to be her inspiration, WynnAlice had the courage to take the risk to follow her dreams.

And so it was, six moons in the planning, WynnAlice set off upon her epic journey, shod on her feet with only a pair of red flip flops from Brazil, and wearing only that which she could carry on her back, and for a bed for the night, the hospitality of those she met on her epic journey.

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