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Kuzo signature drink Café Amárena

May 26, 2019

Before trying Kuzo signature drink tried the Tanzania coffee from Dark Woods as V60 and Chemex, Japanese iced filter or as Greeks call it cold dripped coffee.

This was a mistake. Used too much of the limited supply supply of coffee, and if had been Chemex only, could have tasted the coffee as it cooled.

Method used, half the water, the other half as ice, coffee instantly chilled as drips through into the ice.

Next Kuzo signature drink with what little coffee was left.

It was, as all who tried agreed, an excellent refreshing drink for a hot day.

Kuzo signature drink designed by designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue using Kuzo marmalade and coffee from Sambewwe famers cooperative in Tanzania.

The Barn Sambewe – washed – Bourbon – high acidity – plum, dark berries, vanilla.

Dark Woods Blackburn Estate – washed – Kent and Nyassa – black tea, licorice, toffee, citrus, blackcurrant.

Mint fresh picked lunchtime.

Earlier had tried same drink at Miyu Coffee made with taf espresso blend. A big difference using Tanzanian single origin coffee beans.

Noticeable the Dark Woods beans very small.

— to be continued —

The Barn Roastery

May 12, 2019

The second coffee shop to open after what is now known as Little Barn. A wharehouse roaastery with associated coffee shop.

I was there Sunday afternoon. No coffee roasting on a Sunday. Had I been there earlier, there was coffee cupping in the morning.

I did not a have a coffee as earlier at The Barn Hackescher Markt, the fourth and latest to open, and wished to try coffee somewhere other than The Barn and maybe return later.

Larger than their other coffee shops, with more on offer, inclding Standart and The World Atlas of Coffee.

Latest copy of Standart which I had only seen in Berlin.

Yuzu signature drink

May 12, 2019

Having watched several being prepared, I decided to try Yuzu signature drink at The Barn Hackescher Markt.

To make

  • ice and 50g tonic water
  • add 10g marmalade
  • double shot espresso
  • 1.5g cardamon whole
  • sprig of mint added
  • shaken not stirred
  • pour over the ice and tonic water
  • sprig of mint for decoration
  • paper straw
  • serve in a jam jar

Yuzu jam from Japan, but try high quality marmalade from local producer.

If possible serve in the jar and recycle the jars.

For espresso, single origin from Tanzania.

The Barn is using Sambewe, from a farmer’s coffee collective, Q grade 89,  bourbon washed, espresso roast.

Yuzu signature drink designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

An unusual drink.

Yuzu signature drink would be very refreshing on a hot day.

The Barn Potsdamer Platz

May 10, 2019

The Barn have two other coffee shops, one also a coffee roastery.

Potsdamer Platz is the third coffee shop for The Barn, opened a few months ago, a little before Christmas last year.

Housed in an iconic building, Haus Huth, the only pre-war building remaining in Potsdamer Platz

Haus Huth, built in 1912, was a post-war symbol for the destruction and division of the city. For decades, The Huth restaurant was the meeting place for society and wine-lovers, right in the middle of the Berlin equivalent of Times Square in the 1920s. During the war years, Willy Huth’s close relationships to high-quality vineyards stood him in good stead and the Weinhaus Huth was able to carry on with business as usual, even during these hard times.

Quite tiny, more seating outside than inside, inside quite noisy when busy.

I noticed the source of many of their beans I was already familiar with from coffee shops in England.

Dick Tayor bean-to-bar dark chocolate. Very expensive, 9-50 euros for a bar less than 100g.

My cappuccino was good, but a little disappointing, I expected better and are used to far better in both England and Athens.

Maybe my expectations were too high, this was The Barn with a reputation across Europe.

I returned later with a friend from Belgium. We were at Five Elephant, I suggested we may make it to The Barn at Postdamer Platz if I could remember where to find it.

We arrived with ten minutes to spare, only to learn now closed at nine not seven, summer times.

We shared a V60.

The baristas were helpful and talked her through the V60 as it was brewed.

I commented on my disappointment earlier to learn I had been served by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

The explanation may be, coffee slightly on the acidic side, dialled in to suit  Japanese taste.

Late lunch at The Barn

March 15, 2014
The Barn march 2014

The Barn march 2014

Excellent late lunch at The Barn.

I was at The Barn much later than I expected to be. It had been a lovely warm spring day, on leaving The Barn, it had turned quite cold.

Late lunch at The Barn

October 12, 2013

lunch at the barn

lunch at the barn

lunch at the barn

lunch at the barn

Excellent lunch at The Barn, falafel, pita bread, humous, grilled courgettes and aubergines.

Freddo cappuccino at The Barn

October 5, 2013
freddo cappuccino first attempt

freddo cappuccino first attempt

We decided to try and make freddo cappuccino.

Our first attempt not very successful.

Frothing the milk and coffee not as easy as it looks. I should have paid more attention at patisserie amelie. There is more to it than simply sticking the frothing machine into the milk or coffee. If you stick it right in, no froth. Hold it near the surface, and it froths as drawing in air.

Our first attempt we froth the coffee too much which explains why we have enough for two glasses as it is all froth.

freddo cappuccino second attempt

freddo cappuccino second attempt

We try again, less froth. We seem to have got this almost correct (a little more practice), dark liquid in the glass, a creamy brown band on top.

The main problem we have with the milk, is it is semi-skimmed, we need skimmed. The semi-skimmed sinks.

But, not bad for a second attempt.

We need to focus on freddo espresso, get that right, then try freddo cappuccino.

We need the correct glasses (for freddo espresso and freddo cappuccino) and skimmed milk. And practice.

If nothing else, demonstrates the point making freddo cappuccino is a skilled job.

By next summer, maybe The Barn will be serving freddo cappuccino.

Lunch cum dinner at The Barn

July 6, 2013
The Barn lunch cum dinner

The Barn lunch cum dinner

After a long walk in Bishop’s Meadow on a very hot day, I was grateful for a rest at The Barn.

Too hot to sit inside, I sat outside.

I had been feeling hungry since I arrived in Farnham some hours ago, having not eaten all day, now very hungry.

Falafel, pita bread, mushrooms, courgettes and aubergines. Tasty and filling, and far far better than the awful food that was being served at the Farnham Carnival last weekend, and far better value for money.

There was live music later. I could have stayed and caught the train but decided no, I would catch the bus.

Falafel and Greek salad at The Barn

March 23, 2013
falafel and Greek salad

falafel and Greek salad

Excellent falafel and Greek salad at The Barn in Farnham.

The Barn is a cultural centre in the centre of Farnham.

Late lunch at The Barn

February 17, 2013
Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad

Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad

Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad. Delicious. Not something I would enjoy all the time, not even once a week, but every so often it is very enjoyable.

I asked what was the soup, as it did no say on the chalk board in the street. I did not learn what it was, but it must have been popular, as it had gone.

I have previously suggested they chalk up what the soup is as it will bring more people in. But chalking the food on a board in the street is working as last summer The Barn was always empty, now quite busy.

I never understand why people miss the obvious, but maybe focussed on one thing, like preparing the food, you miss the bigger picture. You know what you are serving and automatically assume so does the rest of the world.

I suggested they chalked up on the board in the street: Falafel burgers guaranteed free of horsemeat.

It is lovely and warm and cosy in The Barn now that they keep the barn door closed. Though I can see folk who have not been there before, may be reluctant to open the door to see what is inside. Although on the other hand, when it was left open and freezing cold inside, they would not have wished to stay.

I was joined by the girl selling the Big Issue who I had spoken to earlier on the street in Farnham. Not surprised, she said she was very cold. She then apologized, she had to go to catch the train.

I used to catch the train, but since discovering a bus leaves from outside The Barn, I have tended to catch the bus and of late it has been on time, if not earlier. Today was one of those days when it was earlier. It was already there. I thought I would miss it, but the driver said, if early, they sit and wait.

It had been cold all afternoon in Farnham. It was light when I walked into The Barn. When I left it was dark and very cold. I was pleased I did not have to wait in the cold for a bus.

With places like The Barn serving quality coffee, why do people visit Costa or tax dodging Starbucks?

The Barn is quite literally a barn down a little alley in the centre of Farnham. A cultural space with a kitchen, art, food, music, yoga. Between Lion and Lamb Courtyard and Castle Street almost opposite Downing Street. Cross on the pedestrian crossing if walking up Downing Street and it takes you almost straight in their door.