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Worth their weight in gold

April 14, 2013
Paulo Coelho three books

Paulo Coelho three books

Three books from acclaimed Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Special anniversary edition of The Pilgrimage, a collectors edition.

The Pilgrimage is an account of walking The Way of St James or as it is known El Camino de Santiago.

When Paulo Coleho walked the route in the mid-1989s, few pilgrims walked the route. At a bar, halfway along the route, as many passed in a year, as today pass in an hour.

Special 25th anniversary edition of The Alchemist, a collectors edition.

When walking El Camino de Santiago and finally reaching ones destination, one has to give something back. For Paulo Coelho it was The Alchemist, the story of an Andalusian shepherd boy Santiago, of his search for treasure, of following his dreams.

Recently published Manuscript Found in Accra.

A manuscript is found in Accra. It tells the story of the eve of the Crusaders attacking Jerusalem. The style is very much that of Kahlil Gibran The Prophet and Jesus the Son of Man.

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