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Paste Thai Contemporary Cuisine

December 18, 2019

We could find nowhere to eat, eventually settled on Paste Thai Contemporary Cuisine.

The exterior belies the interior, open and airy.

Attentive staff, maybe a little too attentive.

For starter we each had chicken and mushroom soup, though menu said chicken or mushroom, a few vegetables, with added coconut.

Main dishes, sweet and sour chicken and a deep fried crispy chicken with a sauce. I preferred the crispy chicken without the sauce as it changed the texture and taste. Both served with rice.

Ice cream with coconut for dessert.

Food was good, though maybe more suited to an evening meal than lunchtime.

Lunch at Thai restaurant

August 29, 2014
crispy spring rolls

crispy spring rolls

lunch at Thai restaurant

main course

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

Usually I only have the main course, but today I was hungry, and added crispy pancake rolls as a starter.

Did I want a desert? No, I would have afternoon tea or coffee later with a cake or a cookie.

I remind them of farmers market on Tuesday.

A girl with half a dozen kids. I ask are they able to use chopsticks? They say yes. I am quite impressed when they ask for chopsticks, and yes, they are able to use.

I act as Pied Piper, take them to the Castle Grounds and show them Alice Through the Looking Glass. How I do not lose any of them on the way, I do not know, but they seem streetwise.

Lunch at Thai restaurant

October 18, 2013
Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage

Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage

Last week I never made lunch at Guildford Institute, as caught by the rain, today too late in Guildford.

As last week, lunch in the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, runs between North Street and High Street.

I made the mistake of wanting soup as a starter. It came in an enormous bowl. The owner was amused as I struggled with the noodles. She offered me chopsticks.

I then made the second mistake of asking for the main course. They had assumed I had chosen the soup as the main course. I should have stuck with their assumption. I did not enjoy the main course, no longer being hungry.

Lunch at Thai restaurant

June 4, 2013
lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Following visit to Guildford farmers market, excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

The restaurant has a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor which is well deserved.

The restaurant had a very colourful stall on the farmers market, with a very beautiful carved melon as the centre piece of their stall.

Jeffries Passage runs between the top of the High Street and North Street, the entrance opposite Holy Trinity Church.

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