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Time to bang up the banksters

May 21, 2015


Is it not time we banged up a few banksters?

Each time there is a new banking scandal, more evidence emerges of their criminal activities, it is put down to a few rogue traders. Rogue traders who are not rogues until they get caught.

No they are not rogue traders, they are are criminals working for criminal organisations.

Criminal organisations like HSBC, Barclays, RBS make the mafia look like a little old lady at a  garden party.

Banksters rigged the Libor rate. Not a single bankster in gaol.

Banksters rigged the currency exchange. Not a single bankster in gaol.

Banksters engaged in numerous mis-selling scams. Not a single bankster in gaol.

HSBC banksters money laundered for terrorists, Mexican drug cartels, carried out tax evasion on an industrial scale. Not a single HSBC bankster in gaol.

Banksters crashed the UK economy. Not a single bankster in gaol. Not only UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland.

Why does the British government not bang up the banksters? Because Tories are funded by the banksters.

When Ed Miliband was interviewed by Russell Brand he was asked would he bang up the banksters. His answer was cagey.

Ironically I write this at a meeting with banksters. Had I known beforehand, I may have been tempted to organise a rather different reception than the one they had.  But then I would have blown my cover.

Starbucks occupied

December 8, 2012
Starbucks sucks

Starbucks sucks

Starbucks Occupied Islington

Starbucks Occupied Islington

£10 million quid was worth-a-punt, but we-all know it’s-a PR stunt. — chant from protesters

In Brazil to write about tax avoidance. We think we have a problem. Brazil tax authorities fewer recourses than HMRC. Guess the consequences. — Giles Fraser

And don’t forget WE pay their staff too through tax credits because they pay so badly. Our taxes pay their staff’s wages. — Matthew Butcher

Take note: a clever protest on right target, popular cause, can win.Congrats to UK Uncut Starbucks demos. Never despair, change can happen. – Polly Toynbee

Starbucks must be run by a bunch of fools. Did they really think they could get away with it, paying a token amount of tax? All they succeeded in doing was making people even more angry then they had been before.

Today, across the country, Starbucks was occupied.

Actions from Bristol, Brighton, Lincoln, Glasgow.

In central London a creche and women’s refuge were set up in Starbucks flagship stores, and in Birmingham people slept in sleeping bags on the floor to highlight homelessness. In Barnet, activists turned Starbucks into a library, while in York protesters handed out free tea and coffee in store.

Sit-in style protests saw Starbucks branches transformed into refuges, crèches and homeless shelters to highlight the disproportionate impact of the government’s spending cuts on women.

Sarah Greene, a UK Uncut activist:

It is an outrage that the government continues to choose to let multinationals like Starbucks dodge millions in tax while cutting vital services like refuges, creches and rape crisis centres. It does not have to be this way. The government could easily bring in billions by clamping down on tax avoidance that could fund vital services by clamping down on tax dodging.

Responding to Starbucks’ announcement that it will not claim tax deductions in the UK on a range of its tax arrangements and Starbucks statement regarding worker safety, Hannah Pearce, a UK Uncut supporter:

Offering to pay some tax if and when it suits you doesn’t stop you being a tax dodger. This is just a PR stunt straight out of the marketing budget in a desperate attempt by Starbucks to deflect public pressure – hollow promises on press releases don’t fund women’s refuges or child benefits.

I was in Farnham, and I am sorry to say, the apathetic folk of Farnham far from occupying were inside like mugs drinking coffee.

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