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Millionaires support cuts to tax credits

October 30, 2015
Need Tax Credits to live?

Need Tax Credits to live?

Earlier in the week, we saw the crude attempt by David Cameron and George Osborne to bully the House of Lords to support their crass policy of withdrawing tax credits from the poorest workers, a lifeline if you are on poverty wages, badly backfire when the House of Lords voted no. We then had the unedifying spectacle of George Osborne throw his rattle out of the pram.

Of those who supported the proposals, eleven were millionaires.

The worst example was Andrew Lloyd-Webber. What sort of person flies all the way from New York, to vote to withdraw money from the poorest people?

Please boycott those companies who are linked to these millionaires.

No surprise that these are companies which pay poverty wages, dodge tax, and in the case of HSBC was money laundering for terrorists and Mexican drug cartels.

Tax credits a bad policy

October 25, 2015

Tax credits do not subsidise workers they subsidise bad employers. If their business model relies on paying poverty wages then they should be driven out of business.

We eliminate tax credits, by paying higher wages, by creating high paid, skilled jobs.

We eliminate tax credits by, as outlined by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, using a People’s Quantitative Easing to create the cool breeze of green technology, by financing apps that create a sharing, collaborative economy, not the failed Quantitative Easing of the Tories, a mechanism to transfer more wealth to the rich, and in doing so, create piles of dead money.

The policy of the corrupt elite is to drive down wages to that of China and India.

The Tories want to cut tax credits by £4.2 billion. That is £4.2 billion taken out of the pockets of the working poor.

It was not the poor who caused the financial crash of 2008, it was the greedy bankers, greedy bankers who finance the Tory Party, but it is the poor, who can least afford it, who are being forced to pay the price.

Liar David Cameron said before the last election, they would not cut tax credits.

Bully-boy David Cameron is intimidating the House of Lords not to vote against tax credits. Even threatening to swamp the Lords with yet more of his cronies.

Apart from waging Class Warfare, why are the Tories so eager to cut tax credits? Simple, more money available, £4.2 billion, to cut taxes for the rich and corporation tax.

It is nonsense to suggest a constitutional crisis is pending, for the simple reason we lack a constitution.

Equally to claim support of the House of Commons. It is not support when you have to force MPs to vote with you. Neither can it be claimed support in the country. Tories had minority electoral support, and with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Opposition Leader, what little support there is is draining away by the day.

If the only role of the Lords is to rubber-stamp what is sent from the Commons, then what role the Lords? This would be yet further grounds for abolition.

The House of Lords must listen to what the people are saying, look at the impact on the lives of the poorest, not jump to diktat from the Tory government.

When those demands land on the doorstep, remember who cut your tax credits.

Please sign the petition calling upon the House of Lords to veto cuts to tax credits.

Harriet Harman has completely lost the plot

July 12, 2015

Harriet Harman has completely lost the plot

Harriet Harman has said Labour will support the Tory attacks on the poor announced in last week’s budget. Poorest families are hardest hit, with a loss of £1000 per poor family.

These cuts are not only immoral they are economicially illiterate. Poor people spend money in the local economy. £1000 per poor family, that adds up to a huge loss of money flowing into a deprived area.

No surprise in the announcement from Harriet Harman as interim Labour Leader. Labour before the election voted for austerity.

Austerity is a completely failed policy, it is an excuse for shock doctrine, cuts in public services, welfare cuts, mass library closures, but Labour voted for austerity.

Harriet Harman just does not get it why Labour lost the election, lost it big time. They were wiped out in Scotland by the SNP, lost in England to UKIP and the Tories.

Tweedledum v Tweedledee. No one can tell the difference. If you are going to vote for Tory policies, you may as well vote Tory, or if you want something different UKIP, or not vote at all.

People have woken up to the fact that if they vote, under the present corrupt system, if you trouble to cast a vote, you are simply legitimising a corrupt system, deciding who gets the chance to sit at the top table and act for big business. Nothing has really changed, simply a different faction of the Establishment.

Of the four Labour Party wannabe leaders only Jeremy Corbyn has shown any decency or integrity. On the day of the budget, he addressed the anti-austerity protest outside, he addressed the Greek Solidarity protest. Where were the other wannabe candidates? Nowhere to be seen.

Where has been the voice of support for Greeks from Labour, a condemnation of the Fourth Rech (aka EU)? A deafening silence. Why, because the Greeks are an embarrassment to Labour, they highlight how useless Labour and why Labour is unelectable for the foreseeable future.

Across the country, crowds of enthusiastic supporters turn out for Jeremy Corbyn.

Harriet Harman warned against voting for Jeremy Corbyn, without mentioning by name.

There is a faction of the Labour Party, probably Blair cronies longing for the good old days, calling for a vote for anyone, so long as not Jeremy Corbyn.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

If Labour MPs had any decency left, they would ignore Harriet Harman and vote against the Tory budget cuts, leaving her isolated as leader of a party of one. Will it happen? I doubt it. Which is why Labour is unelectable for the foreseeable future.

Shame on Trussell Trust

June 22, 2015

Shame on Trussell Trust who pay their employees so badly that they have to rely upon tax credits to top up their wages.

I mentioned today to a Trussell Trust manager she would be seeing a sharp increase in demand for food banks, as David Cameron had strongly hinted abolition of tax credits.

To my surprise, she said she would be affected as she was reliant upon tax credits to top up her wages.

Now this is to be expected from KFC, McDonald’s and other bad employers, but should not we expect better standards from Trussell Trust as the country’s biggest providers of food banks?

Actually probably not.

The number of Trussell Trust food banks has risen eight-fold in just five years, to 445. Its most recent accounts show an annual income of nearly £3.4 million.

Many of those dependent upon food banks, are caused by the arbitrary sanctions being handed out by Job Centres.

A question mark though needs to be raised against the Trussell Trust.

For the Trussell Trust, food banks have become Big Business. Their recent claim of a million people dependent upon food banks has proved to be false. They have handed out a million food parcels, not quite the same thing.

But it gets worse, they have been charging local volunteers and churches what amounts to little more than franchising fees, £1,500 to set up food banks. telling them the money is needed for ‘branding and PR’ and ongoing fees of £350 a year.

The pitch to prospective punters says:

We’ll provide you with all the tools, training and know-how that you need to start a foodbank so that people in crisis in your town don’t have to go hungry.

They are told they will be given a website, publicity materials and ‘opportunities to talk to the Press’ among other benefits.

Foodbanks are asked to make a £1,500 donation towards these costs.

Tax credits

June 22, 2015

Today David Cameron gave strongest hint yet that he intends to abolish tax credits, part of class warfare on the poor and demonstration of economic illiteracy.

David Cameron is correct, yes we should abolish tax credits, and it would go some way to reducing the welfare bill.

But the way to cut tax credit is to raise the minimum wage.

Tax credit is the taxpayer subsiding bad employers. Raise the minimum wage, pay people a living wage.

If the business is dependent upon paying people low wages, worker exploitation,  then it is not a viable business.

If increasing the minimum wage puts out of business McDonald’s, KFC, Sports Direct and other bad employers, then all well and good.

And shame on Trussell Trust who pay their employees so badly that they have to top up their wages with tax credits. I would expect better from a charity that provides food banks.

And shame on Labour, the usual hypocrisy. Howls that tax credit may be cut. Why not instead call for an increase in minimum wage to make tax credits redundant?

With the exception of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour wannabe leaders were absent from the anti-austerity rally on Saturday.

David Cameron says he wants to create a fairer society. He does this by cutting money to the poor and vulnerable.

David Cameron wishes to force people into low paid, mind numbing, temporary, part time, zero hours McJobs by cutting benefits and issuing sanctions that terminate benefits. In other words starve people into work. Or force them into work as unpaid slaves on workfare programmes.

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