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Cappuccino at Taresso

November 28, 2019

After vile tasting coffee at Nespresso flagship store in Kolonaki, a relief excellent coffee in Taresso.

At Taresso an excellent cappuccino.

Dropped off guest coffee.

I had wished to visit Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies then Mokka, but no time.

As nearby, I decide to visit coffee shop in Graffito. I learnt it closed at least two years ago.

Coffee at Taresso

November 14, 2019

Two coffees at Taresso in Kolonaki.

After an OK but not great coffee at Third Place I walked through National Garden through Kolonaki to Taresso.

I took along two guest coffees

  • Colombian from Colombian Coffee Roasters in Oxford
  • espresso blend roasted by Bonanaza for Resident in Berlin

But first, before coffee, ice cold water in cut glass and served from cut glass decanter. This is service, the norm in the best coffee shops in Athens.

Excellent Chemex using coffee from Papua New Guinea roasted by Taresso, followed by cappuccino from Resident. Excellent and I probably did not do justice as did not drink when freshly brewed.

Both coffees brewed by Greek champion barista Kelly.

Both were excellent.

The cappuccino was in another league to that which I had had earlier in the day at Third Place, which only serves to make my point they need to source better quality coffee.

Always new equipment in Taresso. Two small grinders I had not seen before, and a kettle.

My visit to Taressso, Wednesday three weeks ago, the coffee from Resident roasted in April, thus at least six moths old, the bag had previously been opened, and yet superior to the coffee at Third Place.

Note: Coffee left to rest one week after roasting, use within next three weeks to enjoy at optimum. Grind beans, carefully weigh, brew within one minute of grinding.

V60 guest coffee taresso Girls Who Grind

May 14, 2019

V60 using Nicaraguan coffee from Girls Who Grind.

Note: Tweets incorrectly show coffee from Guatamala. The coffee used was from Nicaragua.

Cappuccino at Taresso artisan coffee roasters

October 27, 2017

I decided as yesterday, to once again try to find Warehouse Specialty Blends, then if open Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies.

Passing by Taresso, as yesterday, an excellent cappuccino. If anything better than yesterday.

I checked Warehouse Specialty Blends to find closed at three. As not far from Lycabettus Hill and a pleasant sunny day, I thought maybe climb to the top, but decided to keep to original plan, try once again to find Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies, even though it was going to be close to closing time.

Taresso artisan coffee roasters

October 27, 2017

Yesterday, on my way to Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies, which I had found closed on previous visit, I decided on a detour, a long detour, to Warehouse Specialty Blends.

I passed by closed roads, riot police and demonstrations outside Parliament. Maybe something to do with the Metro strike.

On my way I stumbled across taresso artisan coffee roasters. I never did make what I had been looking for.

Excellent cappuccino.

Served by one of their leading baristas on latte art.

Both baristas I had long chat with. The other barista No 2 barista in Greece (second place Hellenic brewers cup championship 2016).

I learnt a lot about coffee.

Outside Athens, taresso artisan coffee roasters have a  micro-roastery, which also supplies coffee to other coffee shops.

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