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Tailor House

December 1, 2019

On my way to Exarchia Square I passed the church of Agia Eirini on Agias Eirinis Square, the square in which Tailor Made was located now sadly Tailor House.

Taylor Made no more, lost roasters, baristas, where once served excellent coffee, now known for bad coffee. Neverthless always busy.

I looked inside and was shocked to see had been gutted and destroyed.

Tailor Made was a pioneering coffee shop and mirco-roastery, one of the first ultra-trendy coffee shops serving specialty coffee.

When it opened over a decade ago in Aghias Irinis Square facing the church, it was located in what was then a derelict square. The sqquare it now very lively thanks to Tailor Made.

It is depressing to see a once great coffee shop destroyed.