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Syriza: Greek Revolution Against Corruption

January 27, 2015

Sunday evening BBC reporting hard left. Once the count was in, this had softened to radical left.

Left-Right is meaningless. The mainstream media do not get it. That we are dealing with something different, revolution, handing power to the grass roots.

Imagine if Occupy St Paul’s were forming the next government after the May 2015 General Election, then you begin to get it.

The chance to vote for a party that represents people, not as we have in the UK, a vote for Tweedledee or Tweedledum, whose turn is it to represent Big Business.

Syriza is not a choice between corporate controlled capitalism or state controlled capitalism, it is transference of power to the people.

The Greeks are against EU and all that it stands for, but not against fellow Europeans.

It is the most exciting thing we have seen for a generation, and why David Cameron and his ilk are scared.

We are not in it all together, we have seen transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich and it is those who have benefited the most from austerity, those who fund the parties and pull their strings, the corporate tax dodgers who fear Syriza spreading across Europe. The people deciding, enough is enough.

Tories are in favour of austerity, ToryLite aka Labour are in favour of austerity, LibDems will say anything to hang on to power.

We need to:

  • get dirty money out of politics
  • stop fracking
  • kill The Infrastructure Bill
  • devolve power to the people
  • renationalise the railways
  • establish locally controlled, locally owned power grids
  • break up the banks
  • force corporate tax dodgers to pay their fare share of tax

We also need to act to stop the revolution in Greece being killed at birth. This means we across Europe make it very clear the Greeks have our full support, we will not tolerate interference or bullying by outside forces, be they EU, Germany, global corporations, banks and any others who have used austerity as an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to welfare, sell off of public assets.

Please sign the petition to the EU, demanding that they respect the wishes of the Greek people.

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