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Perikafe espresso

November 7, 2022

Visit in daylight, espresso. chat with barista, different barista.

… to be continued …


November 6, 2022

Sometimes I stumble across an excellent coffee shop.

Outside Syntagma, heading for Ermou, then head to Just Made 33.

I had to cross on a crossing, road too busy, then spotted Perikafe.

My cappuccino excellent, barista friendly and helpful.

Coffee beans sourced from Mokka.

Mokka an excellent coffee shop and roastery outside the Athens Central Market.

Criminals targeting tourists on Metro between Airport and Syntagma

November 5, 2022

A few stops after Athens Airport, a group of what at first glance looked like workmen at the end of the day boarded the Metro. They are not, they were criminals look for a victim.

They separated and behaved as though did not know each other. Watch closely, communicating with each other by eye movements and facial expressions.

One guy with luggage and a guitar got up to leave the train. One of the group helped him with his luggage. As one, they moved to block the door.

I watched closely. I did not see them steal anything.

Had the man got off at Syntagma, I would have asked him to check, anything missing.

Before I alighted Syntagma, I warned a female passenger. She warned me to be careful.

Criminals alighted Syntagma. I knew I was safe there. Too many people around

Criminals are targeting arrivals from the airport. Tired, hands full.

Why is there no security patrolling this train? Why no CCTV?

I changed at Syntagma for Acropoli. Usually at Acropoli, there are police. No police. Maybe only in the daytime

Massage House

November 27, 2020

Three weeks ago Thursday, walking through Ermou, people queuing for sales, stock clearance before lockdown, and traditional this time of year, I spot a sign for a massage, Massage House.

After my hike up Lycabettus Hill a massage just what I need. I check it out.

Ride the lift to floors six and seven, what it says on the lift, nada, walk down to floor five which is what it says on the sign outside.

Nothing available, return at 1845, in forty-five minutes time.

I use the loo. One dirty black towel, how long has it been there, how many people used, raises questions the establishment and their lack of covid-19 biosecurity.

Raise, but get nowhere. Dealing with a very rough character who claims to be in charge. Very unpleasant attitude.

Coffee at Just Made 33 only closed. Try Peek a Bloom, closed

Return in forty-five minutes. By the time I check out Just Made 33 and Peek a Bloom too late.

I decided not worth returning as lack of covid-19 biosecurity raises serious questions in a massage parlour.

Too cheap, 20€ for an hour, 15€ for forty-five minutes.

I also notice touting for businesses on the street, dragging people in off the street.

Covid-19 biosecurity very poor. A dirty black towel in the toilets, used how many times by how many people, serious covid-19 risk. Raises big questions the entire outfit.

Cultivos Coffee

November 25, 2020

I was lost, or at least I was in an unfamiliar street and that was how I chanced upon Cultivos.

A sign outside Elida Estate Panama Coffee of the week, a single estate coffee. The chase on as Sherlock Holmes would have said to Dr Watson.

The coffee was supplied by Taf, impressive equipment, even had the pour over designed by Stefanos which I have only seen at Taf, not though ever in use.

Did I want a coffee?


Partly I lacked the time but mainly due to the location.

Ambience inside pleasing, but lockdown, canot sit inside.

It would be difficulty to imagine a worse location for a specialty coffee shop, where sit and relax with hopefully excellent coffee served in glass or ceramic, a narrow uphill street, narrow footpath, traffic nose to tail belching out obnoxious fumes, and very noisy.

Looked on-line to learn a franchise, inspired by Taf, whatever that means. Marketing bullshit, little lese. A chain of maybe a dozen coffee shops.

I was not sure where I was, I was lots, but checking on line, I think I was at the coffee shop listed as Syntagma.

Takeaway coffee at Just Made 33

November 25, 2020

Three weeks ago, wandering through the streets of Athens to see what was open.

Tuesday, the day before, all restaurants bars and coffee shops ordered to close. They could serve takeaway if chose to do so.

Just Made 33, open for food and coffee take away only.

Can sit on a wall outside with a takeaway coffee but cannot sit at a table outside. Inside people waiting to order a coffee, if tables outside would be socially distanced served by a waitress. Not that tables outside would be possible due to a hole in the street. There was a hole in the street last year. I inquire of a lady taking notes. An ancient wall has been unearthed. It is being documented then the hole carefully infilled.

Just Made 33

December 1, 2019

I had looked in Just Made 33 on my way to Exarchia Square.

I was pleased to find open and had a brief chat with the owner.

I had passed by several times and not found open. Closed as I suspected, digging up the street outside, Sunday a respite.

On my return from Exarchia Square I managed to find Just Made 33, but owner not there.

Staff have always been pleasant and friendly, service good. Not today. Miserable to the point of being rude, service poor, a not very pleasant atmosphere.

I watched the barista. Not a clue on pouring a V60, though no problem with my cappuccino.

Late afternoon, even before sun has set turning cold.

cappuccino Peek a Bloom

November 25, 2019

Just Made 33 closed, head to Peek a Bloom.

Excellent cappuccino.

Not as crowded or noisy as previous visit.

Peek a Bloom

November 17, 2019

Finding Just Made 33 closed, I decided to try Peek a Bloom, hidden down an alley.

I have found before but did not stay, sister coffee shop of Mind the Cup.

I had a cappuccino and long chat with the barman.

Cappuccino was excellent.

Third Place

November 14, 2019

Third Place not easy to find and when found on a very noisy polluted street.

An interview taking place for Antenna, at least I think for Antenna, a Greek TV channel. Not of the coffee shop, chosen because interesting location. But I would have thought too noisy, though they wanted background buzz of a coffee shop.

I decided to visit because on my first visit to Third Place in May I was not impressed by the coffee.

My cappuccino ok but not great. Either poor quality roasting or poor quality beans.

I discussed with the barista, who is also the owner. He said roasted to suit Greek palette. Erm, maybe. But I am not entirely convinced.

Beans from Brazil, did not appear to be single origin. The same logic as Dope Roasting Co, roast Robusta albeit quality Robusta, to suit Greek taste, ie dump a load of sugar and milk because otherwise undrinkable.

I later had a cappuccino roasted by Bonanza for Resident in Berlin. Greek champion barista Kelly at Taresso brewed it. It was excellent, even though the coffee beans roasted in April and at least five months old and the bag had been opened.

Makes my point, Third Place would be well advised to source better quality beans, at least if wish to be taken seriously as a coffee shop.

Ambience, at least inside, excellent, pleasant decor, magazines like Cereal dotted around, though I would add Standart, Drift, Ambrosia, Om Nom, but let down by location, busy, noisy polluted street, and poor quality coffee.

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