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Super Thursday

September 29, 2011

Today is Super Thursday, a term coined by The Bookseller, the day publishers launch their latest books in a hope of capturing the lucrative Christmas market.

Super Thursday: 225 books compete for the Christmas run-up
Book retailers brace themselves for Super Thursday

Why today or what is special about today I do not know.

One such release is the latest cookbook from Jamie Oliver, but £30 for a cookbook? No one is going to pay £30 which is why it is £9-99 in Sainsbury’s. A raw deal for independent bookshops as this is less than the trade price they pay. Something Jamie Oliver should look into.

Travel Bookshop to close

Or you can subscribe to Jamie Oliver’s magazine and get the cookbook for free.

Aleph by Paulo Coelho jumped the gun and came out on 1 September. A head start one woould think, except HarperCollinsUK forgot. Now it will be lost with all the other books.

HarperCollinsUK you should be embarrassed!