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Lycabettas Hill as the sun sets

November 14, 2019

Wednesday three weeks ago in Athens following a visit to Taresso climb Lycabettas Hill as the sun was setting.

At the top of the steps, police with semi-automatic weapons and many police milling around. I asked the guy with semi-automatic weapon. Very important person passing through.

Up through the wood of pine trees and aloe vera, then through aloe vera and prickly pear cacti. When I got to the top the sun had set. I was surprised at the number of people.

Walked back down in the dark. Dangerous as do not see steps, and if do not focus miss sharp turns in the path and walk over a precipice. Even looking over the city lose dark adjustment of eyes.

Three bus loads of riot police.

Then got lost. I did not have a clue where I was, completely disorientated.

Eventually I encounter Ohh Boy, and ask may I use their wifi.

I find I am nowhere near where I thought I was.

Sunset and new moon 35,000 feet over Europe

October 5, 2019

First day of October, stunning sunset and new moon.

After the sun set, blood red glow along the horizon and above that a new moon.

Sunset Autumn Equinox

September 21, 2017

Autumn equinox is when summer ends, equal day and night.

The nights will now be longer than the days, the days colder, the nights colder.

Winter is nigh.


February 2, 2017

Sunset,  Church Hill, Washingborough, near Lincoln

Yesterday, as I walked up Church Hill, I caught a magnificent sunset.

I am pleased the same today.


June 8, 2016

sun setting over Protaras Bay

Sun setting over Protaras Bay.


June 8, 2016

sunset over Fig Tree Bay

Monday, sunset over Fig Tree Bay.


June 8, 2016

sun setting over Protaras Bay

Monday, sun setting over Protaras Bay.

la puesta del sol en Playa Jardín

March 7, 2016
la puesta del sol en Playa Jardín

la puesta del sol en Playa Jardín

Sunset from sea wall looking across Playa Jardín.

Winter Solstice sunset

December 22, 2015
winter solstice sunset outside Newark

winter solstice sunset outside Newark

Winter Solstice sunset outside Newark.

Sunset at Larnaca Airport

October 14, 2015

Sunset at Larnaca Airport.

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